Monday, January 08, 2007

Robbery Update

(Read the last post if you don't about the robbery.)

After Brian got off of work Friday, he called me from the parking lot before he made the drive home. He wanted to know if a detective showed up (NO) and what I found out from the insurance companies (Nothing new to tell). He had made arrangements with his insurance company to get a rental car (Max of $30/day for 30 days) and to drop the car off at the body shop on Saturday.

We chatted some more and had a nice conversation. He'd had time to think about what had happened and took some of the blame himself. I pointed out to him that he had left the sunroof part way open so getting in the car was a snap. He humbly agreed that yes, he was partially to blame. I also reminded him that from now on, he should bring his portable stuff in the house at night. He left the CDs, DVDs, GPS & IPOD in the car. That if he had done that, they wouldn't have been stolen. He assured me he would do that from now on. I just took that one with a grain of salt. He's said that before, but only did it for a short time. Hopefully, this time he's learned his lesson.

I got my first estimate from an alarm company this morning. Sitting down? $3,500! Yep, $3,500! Then add that to the cost of the new alarm system for Brian's car, what ever that will be, and this was a very, very expensive robbery.

The claims adjuster for Brian's insurance company came by just now to drop of the repair estimate and to pick up the receipt for the "entertainment system" that was stolen. The total comes to about $2,200. Brian has a $500 deductible, so I'm going to have to come up with that when he picks up the car.

The grand total? I don't even what to think about it yet. I need Happy Hour to get here real fast so I can start drinking my gin & tonics. I stocked up with a lot of tonic, but forgot to buy more gin yesterday. Guess it will be whiskey, rum or vodka & tonic today. Or maybe brandy. I know! I'll just close mt eyes and reach in the liquor cabinet and see what I come out with. Might be interesting to see what I come out with. :-D

Bye, bye for now y'all.

Jodes, I know that individual cops can only do so much and that the "system" dictates the effort put into a case. When Brian's first car was set on fire, I talked to my neighbor and explained nobody was doing anything. He used to be an assistant DA so he made a few calls and boy did I get action then. They still never solved the case, but at least they put in an effort. And every other time a car was broken into, or my houses were burglarized, a detective at least showed up. Hell, one time they even took prints. This time, other than the original patrolman that came, no one else has bothered to come over or call, to at least call to talk to us.

Now due to the lack of interest off the "system" over the years, I'm upgrading my home security system. Then the next time something like this happens, and we all know it will, at least there will be something to go on. In addition, if it's someone local, Brian or his friends will probably be able to recognize who did it. If they do, I pity the poor souls that fucked with us.


lime said...

ouch, that does hurt....pass me a cider.

jillie said...

Well...hopefully this time he REALLY has learned his lesson. Anyway...if they are dumb enough to do it again, they deserve to get caught. Just don't let everyone know that you have the security system and see what happens.

I left my sunroof open one night and someone tossed a cigarette/cigar out their window and landed in my car. Burned my car right up...TOTALLY my fault there.

I hear you loud and clear...BOTTOMS UP!

CozyMama said...

thanks Tony for doing the me there are some loser cops out there I know that 1st hand too. Just had to put in my 2 cents. And I am totally serious about the court tv thing, it was kinda strange how I thought of my friend when commenting to you then I get an email from another friend telling me about it. FREAKY!!! Good luck with it all and if you make enough noise something will happen, i hope!! You can always sue the PD, that seems to be working for a lot of people in South Bend, IN.....yeah that was total sarcasm...but it's the truth too. It will always be a sore subject I guess.

Anonymous said...

tony-like my grandma always said...'too soon old, too late smart'! brian's gonna get smart young, right?

Monogram Queen said...

Well you are doing all you can and Brian is very lucky his Dad is there for him like you are.
Whew enjoy those x & tonics. You deserve them!