Monday, January 22, 2007

My Life Since My Last Post

1. The day was like every other day since I retired.
2. Lori arrived here at 5:15pm.
3. I cooked dinner. Shrimp w/ broccoli over thin spaghetti.

1. Lori and I looked at an apartment, but it wasn't acceptable.
Edit: "We" aren't looking for an apartment, Lori is. I'm just helping her. She wants to move from where she is now for various reasons and so do her three children. They still live with her.

2. Lori and I looked at more things for the bathroom. I just can't decide what I want.
3. Brian's car got a flat tire on his way home from work at about 9:00pm. He has lower rider tires with fancy smancy rims. He tried to change the tire, but special lug wrench for the theft deterrent lug nuts broke. Stuck 25 miles from home, he called me and I made arrangements for a tow truck to tow him home for the paultry sum of $125.
4. I cooked dinner. Sliced steak w/ gravy over rice, lime beans and salad.

1. Brian broke two of my socket wrenches trying to get the lug nut off, unsuccessfully I might add. I tried, but didn't have any luck either.
2. Lori and I looked at more things for the bathroom. We did find the tile and it's in stock! Sells for about $6.00 a square foot.
3. I looked for a tool to get the lug nut off the car without success.
4. Lori and I browsed the Kohler web site and picked out hot, modern stuff for the bathrooms.
5. I cooked dinner. Stuffed salmon, twice baked potato and salad.

1. Brian went to the place that sold him the the theft deterrent lug nuts and they had the special socket for them.
2. Brian successfully removed the lug nut.
3. Brian decided to take the lower rider tires with fancy smancy rims off his car and put on the normal tires with the stock rims on the car that he kept in the basement. You see, the lower rider tires with fancy smancy rims suck in winter weather.
4. One tires was flat!
5. Brian took the flat tire to the tire shop and they found a hole and put a plug in it.
6. Brian Removed the lower rider tires with fancy smancy rims and replaced them with the normal tires and stock rims.
7. I left to meet with Kristen at the plumbing supply house and order the Kohler stuff for the bathrooms.
8. Kristen breaks the bad news to me that the shower door is a special order and will take two months to come in. Most of the rest of the stuff will take anywhere between four and six weeks to come in.
9. I browse the catalogs and pick out stuff that can be gotten in a few days.
10. I decided that the shower door is h and sexy and that I will wait the two months for it to come in.
11. I go to VA hospital for my six-month check up.
12. They renew my prescription and in form me that I need a blood test the requires me to fast. I need to come back tomorrow for the blood test. That sucks because the hospital is 40 minute from my house.
14. The doctor made arrangements for me to see a nutritionist. Seem he wants me to loose weight because I'm fat. (my words, not his)
15. I decide to go to the Home Depot Expo store tomorrow on my way back from the VA hospital and see what they have in stock for bathrooms.
16. Come to the conclusion that designing bathrooms is a pain in the ass, but it will be worth it when they are complete. The shower will hold three or more willing adults, which opens up new, uh.................. just use your imagination for the possibilities.


jillie said...

I know what you want for your bathroom. That HAWT picture of Lori flashing herself.

Even though we love you the way you Dr. is just looking out for your best interest.

Mmmmm...those dinners sounded good except for the salmon...YUK!

Kohler is in WISCONSIN and they even have a museum. Yeah...we need to get out.

Don't even go there about the bathrooms...I had 3 them to do and the last one isn't quite finished yet and it's been WAY TOO LONG!

So those are my thoughts aren't you glad you asked???

Anonymous said...

I'm using my imagination, and it's NAUGHTY!

Anonymous said...

quite the weekend you had there.glad you made headway on the bathroom thing.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the pics of the bathroom. ESPECIALLY this big ole shower for 3 *wicked smile*. he, he, he. Naughty, naughty, boy you..

jillie said...

But Lori...I am sure it's naughty in a "fun" kind of way ;o)

Monogram Queen said...

Sounds like a week-end to me... I hate those stupid low rider vehicles but i'm not a 20-something young kid either :)

I DEFINITELY think the shower will be worth the wait!

SignGurl said...

That kid of yours is costing you an arm and a leg. I hope he's paying you back.

jillie said...

signgurl...that's why it's cheaper to have dogs and can't forget the cat!

S said...

I went to Home Depot today also...bought some 1 x 12's, 1 x 3's, and a carpet....
Ar ar ar!
Why are you and Lori looking at an apartment?
Hi Lori!

CozyMama said...

maybe I am jumping the gun here, but why not have Lori move in with you?????

jillie said...

You're such a nice guy to help her Tony.

Shower party at Tony's

BTExpress said...

Jillie - Yes I'm glad I asked. I appreciate your opinion, thanks.

Signgurl - Yes, Brian will have to pay me back for most of the things. He already gives me $200 a week, but that's going to have to go up some.

Barefoot_Mistress - We aren't looking for an apartment, Lori is. Her and her kids want to get out of the town they live in.

Jodes - Lori's 3 kids still live with her and there is no room for everyone in my 2 bedroom house.

Jillie - Great idea! The shower is going to big enough for a group, at least 7 feet by 3 feet. It will also have a shower head and a hand shower.

Anonymous said...

I did not know about her 3 kids at I get it.