Thursday, January 25, 2007


Growing up, we couldn't afford haircuts in a barber shop, so my mom always cut my hair. She cut it as short as the trimmers could cut it. It was a lot like my basic training haircuts.

Growing up, I remember wishing that someday I could grow my hair longer to cover those elephant sized ears....... I did in my hippie days of the 70's.

As much as I hate going to the barber, it looks like it's about time for my quarterly haircut. I see the ear hair needs some attention as well.

Looks like my nose hairs could use a trim too.

DAMN! I need a shave too!

Will this hair cutting never end?

Have I told you I hate cutting my hair?


Happy HNT Y'all!

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Anonymous said...

hmmmm, I love all your hairs, but if you want some help, I'll shave whatever you like dear!

Anonymous said...

hehehehehehe...very cute!! Love the flashbacks!


Hollz said...

Lol love the post this week.. HHNT

Anonymous said...

well thanks for the nose hair pic.....I can sleep well for sure tonight..hehe

Maybe Lori can cut your hair...naked....could be fun yanno!! hehe


Anonymous said...

awwww... but your hair looks so nice... HHNT!

BTExpress said...

Simply Me - You can shave me if I can shave you. :-D

Becca - Thanks. I dug them up from my archive.

Hollz - Thanks!

Chelle - Interesting idea. I'll think about that.

Lushlyme - Well, thank you. Maybe I can just get it trimmed out of my eyes. That's the the part I don't like about long hair.

Leesa said...

I'm so particular about who cuts my hair.. I understand :)

Sexy Duet said...

They were fun pics, hope the haircut isnt too traumatic for you :)
Happy HNT!


lime said...

i'm down right phobic about hairdressers and it stems from a truly ghastly haircut when i was 11

Sandi said...

HHNT! I think the best thing about getting your hair cut is the shampooing.. but they don't do that at the barber do they? oh well you should go to a salon!

Monogram Queen said...

HHNT Tony! Ain't no shame in your game is there :)
I hate it when hair grows faster than the law should allow in the places you wish it wouldn't.

jillie said...

Good thing there aren't any bats in the cave (nostril shot)

Great pictures Tony


CozyMama said...

cool to see how u have changed. hhnt.

SignGurl said...

You have the most beautiful head of hair, Tony!

Anonymous said...

Love the 70's pic! HHNT!

Anonymous said...

I am a total hair farmer...and I agree with miss..I love the seventies one *grin*


Anonymous said...

HHNT, tony! i love the 70's picture too!

BTExpress said...

Jillie - I picked all the bats out of the nose before I took the picture. Just saying.

Jodes - You should see my baby picture. Lori thinks I still look a lot like it, but don't see any resemblance. I was cute as a baby, and now, I handsome. ;-)

Signgurl - Thank you so much. I'm blessed with my grandmothers white hair. My grandfather was bald so I 'm glad I didn't inherit his hair genes.

Miss - Thanks!

Stealth - Lori likes that one too. I thought I looked rather smoked up in that shot. Guess the hair detracts you from looking at my eyes. ;-)

Libby - Thank you too.

All - I didn't get it cut today. I wonder how long I can hold out? Maybe that hair length in the 70's pic isn't so bad on a 58 years old guy after all?

S said...

Well you are lucky that you still have hair! This is a very good thing!

Mark Leslie said...

LOL! Hey, I remember that 70's pic. I still like it. The nose hair shot is my favourite one of this bunch, though.

You're lucky, my friend. At least you still HAVE lots of hair to worry about.