Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Remodeling Update!

My weekend was a good one. Lori came over Friday evening and any weekend Lori comes here is a good one.

The contractors were here when she showed up. They were finishing up the last few things. They had trouble getting the front door dead bolt to lock and I thought they fixed it, but discovered later that they didn't. That's okay for now, because the other lock works. They'll fix it when they come to do over my bathrooms.

Did I mention that I'm going to remodel my bathrooms too?

Yep, I'm doing the entire place over. I've been in this house for almost 30 years and I've only done one major remodeling, the big bathroom and that was about 20+ years ago. Guess it's about time, huh?

The first thing I'm doing over is the large bathroom. The contractor had an idea for the full bath. He's from Czechoslovakia so thought a Roman style bathroom would look nice. I did too until Lori and my son vetoed that idea. Well, maybe I should say they both hated the idea and I decided not to go in that direction. Two against one and all that ya know.

My son wanted a blue bathroom and Lori thought a bathroom centered around a beach theme was more appropriate. I do live a few hundred feet from the water so that really did make a lot of sense to me.

That meant I needed to look for new bathroom fixtures and tile to match the beach theme.

Saturday morning, after Lori and were done snuggling and finished breakfast, we went to a home show. Just my luck, there was only one vendor showing bathrooms. He was very friendly and helpful even after I told him I had a vendor to do the work and was just looking for ideas. The show was small so we were in and out in about an hours.

It was still early so I decided to go to Lowes Home Center and see what they had as far as tiles and bathroom fixtures. They had a large selection of everything I need. I found what I was looking for, but the color choices in stock was limited.
After we left Lowes, we drove over to Home Depot. Their selection was lame to say the least so we drove over to a second Home Depot and didn't have any luck their either. I decided I'd get everything at Lowes, but wanted to see if the contractor could find the fixtures in the color I want.

I called the contractor when I got home, but a recording said his phone was not in service. WTF! I double checked the number, but still got the same message. DOUBLE WTF!! I got nervous when I heard that, but having faith in mankind like I do, I decided to wait and see if he called. Luckily he did. Whewwwww............. i told him what I found and where I found it. I also told him that the toilet from Kohler wasn't in stock and would have to be ordered. I told him we needed to hold off on the bathrooms until fixtures could be found. He said he'd try to find one Monday. He siunded disappointed that I was stalling him, but when I told him I wanted the small 1/2 bath remodeled too, that perked him up. Today is Tuesday and I still haven't heard from him. Guess he's having trouble finding the stuff.

Sunday morning Lori and I went to look at a couple of more apartments. No luck yet, but one has possibilities. I won't go into anymore details now that she has a blog of her own. You can read a little about the apartment hunting here if your interested.

Here's a few pictures of the things I'm leaning on buying.

Tile choices

48" Oak Mirror

48" Oak Vanity

The top is made out of a two-tone onyx.

Sink Faucet

Brushed finished with gold ends.

82 1/2" High Linen Cabinet

Kohler One-Piece Toilet

This one is in white, but I want a sand color.

I'll probably also install the toilet above in the 1/2 bath, but it will be in white. I've narrowed it down to two sinks for that bath. Which one of these two sinks do you like?


Queen of Ass said...


patti_cake said...

Wow I can't wait til' it's finished. I love new stuff and decorating and really really love the beach theme

Sandi said...

Hmm now if I had to choose between those two sinks I would go with the second on because it is unusual and also looks like it might have a bit of storage in it.. and you can never have enough storage!
Can't wait to see the finished product!

Anonymous said...

I like the storage idea, but think the first sink looks nicer. Best of luck with the remodel - next can you redo my master bath?

snavy said...

can you turn a deck into a den?

i would love that!!