Friday, January 05, 2007


Just wanted to let you guys know that Lori started her own blog. You know Lori, she's that hot, sexy babe that I'm in love with. She uses the handle of 'SIMPLY ME'. Her profile picture doesn't show up here when she comments, so I just wanted you to know who was leaving me the loving, and sometimes naughty, seductive comments when you saw that name.


For the life of me, I can't figure out why her picture doesn't show up, but I think it may have something to do with her having that new blogger and mine being the old blogger. If you have any suggestions on how to get her profile picture to show when she leaves comments, please let either of us know. If it works, I promise to be your best friend. :-D

If you get a chance, drop by her blog and say hi. I'm sure she'd like to hear from you.


lime said...

i have no advice regarding the bloggy glithc but i am headed over to lori's right now!

patti_cake said...

Hey I could see her profile pic just fine when I just went and commented. I've already added her to my bloglist also. I hope she enjoys her blog as much as I enjoy mine and all of the blogfriends i've met.

jillie said...

I've been leaving her notes everyday Tony! I even got an email from her last night which I need to reply to. As for the computer crap...I'm a blonde remember? LOL...I just play and work with it...ummmmm...get your mind out of the gutter. It will come too her. Unfortunately I have a mac and they work differently so I am clueless...sorry my dear!

Tish said...

I am still using the old blogger, and my pic doesn't show up either. I want to switch to the new blogger, but it won't allow me to yet.