Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Jillie, I need your help.

How about stopping by Kohler headquarters and see if you can put a rush on the things I need for my bathroom? I'll be your best friend and I'll even give you a permanent pass to use the new shower whenever you want. :-D

Here's my dilemma. I keep having to change what I'm buying for the bathroom redesigns, because nobody has everything in stock and Kohler doesn't have them in stock either. Monday I spent 1 1/2 hours at Blackman Plumbing Supply with Kristin in sales, picking out all new stuff. Everything looked good and she verified that besides a few minor items she didn't have delivery times for and the shower door, everything else could be gotten in a few days. The shower door would take two months. The shower door won't hold me up, because I can use a tension rod and shower curtain until the door comes in.

I held up on placing the order and get Lori's and Brian's opinion on what I picked out. Good news, both Lori and Brian liked what I picked. Everything will be either white or polished chrome.

Want to see what I picked?

* Shower Door
* Lavatory Faucet
* Shower head
* Hand Shower
* Toilet
* Pedestal Sink
* Shower Controls
* Towel Bar
* Towel Ring
* Toilet Paper Holder

On my way back from my blood test yesterday, I stopped at Home Depot Expo and spoke to a salesman, Anthony. I found out there's no difference between in prices. It seems that everyone sales Kohler for 25% off list price around here. Anthony was big help and even pointed out a few things that I didn't think of, like a grab bar to hold on to or to use when getting up off the shower seat I'm having built. He said everything could be gotten in a week or two, except for the sink for my small bathroom, that is discontinued. Oh, well, I'll just have to find something else even if I have to change brands. I did have have some doubt about the delivery times so didn't place the order with Anthony. Besides, Blackman is local and that makes it easier to get addition supplies if I need them.

Today Kristin from Blackman called me and broke more bad news to me. The things I thought were minor turned out to not be so minor, like the shower head set up and hand shower and hose, and will take between 2 to 4 weeks to come in. That meant I either had to wait to start the project or pick something else.

What to do, what to do?

Fuck it! I'm waiting!

I really have my heart set on the new stuff and am tired of fucking around. That also will give me some time to find a new sink for the small bathroom and the vanity and mirror for the large bathroom.

The contractor called a little while ago. I had to tell him there were more delays, maybe up to a month. He sounded disappointed and told me to call him when I get everything.

I hope he's available when the stuff comes in. Keep your fingers crossed that he is.


jillie said...

Tony...I feel your pain! We had to special order "R"'s shower door as well and it's almost IDENTICAL to yours. Well, it took six weeks to get it (we had them install it in case it was damaged). Once it was delivered...they came to install it and THEY broke it. So we had to wait another month!

As far as the accessaries...we have "3" bathrooms that we had to find stuff for that matched. If that ain't a bitch!

You know if I could I would go to Kohler for you in a heart time here is running short. But can I still be on your shower list? I guess that sure beats being on a "shit"

SignGurl said...

Home improvements are such a pain in the ass but soooooo worth it in the end. It's going to look great!

Anonymous said...

oh, good luck tony & lori!!

BTExpress said...

Jillie - Good idea with them installing the door. I'll order it from Home Depot Expo and pay the $310 to install it. It will be well worth the money if it is damaged. Of course you will be on the shower list. I good at scrubbing backs. ;-)

lime said...

how irritating. you wouldn't think it would be such a friggin headache would you?

Monogram Queen said...

I'm definitely crossing my fingers taht you get your stuff quick and that the contractor is available. It's the pits when stuff that should be enjoyable (i.e. getting brand new cool bathroom) turns out to be a Pain in the Arse.