Friday, September 29, 2006

Have a Great Weekend!

Tonight is the beginning of another busy weekend for Lori and I. She is going to try and leave work a little early today (her boss has left for the day already) and be here by 5:30 instead of her usual time of 6:00. That will give a 1/2 hour to "say hello" before heading to her place. Tonight at 8:00 we have dinner reservations at Barbecue Bill's and then tomorrow we are going to the Harvest Festival in Aquebogue (nobody knew how to pronounce Aquebogue yesterday, so I'm raising it to 100 points to everyone that can.)

So, have a nice weekend y'all if I don't talk to you before Monday.


Got this in an email yesterday and though you'd get a kick out of it.

You Might Be A Redneck If...

- You can't get married to your sweetheart because there is a law against it.

- You celebrate Groundhog Day because you believe in it.

- Your kid takes a siphon hose to show-and-tell.

- You've been on TV more than 5 times describing the sound of a tornado.

- You fish in your above-ground pool... and catch something.

- Your beer can collection is considered a tourist attraction in your home town.

- Getting a package from your post office requires a full tank of gas in the truck.

- Your wife wants to stop at the gas station to see if they've got the new Darrell Waltrip Budweiser wall clock.


Ms. Fish said...

aqua - as in the color; bog - as in a bog. aqua bog.

BTExpress said...

HOORAY!!!!!! Ms. Fish got the correct pronunciation and is the winner!!!!!

Where have you been young lady!!! I was worried about you!!!!

Ms. Fish said...

Working. I am sooooooo

Beth said...

Is there something wrong with having a tourist attraction beer collection?

CozyMama said...