Thursday, September 14, 2006


Friday was the start of a very interesting extended weekend. Lori, one of her daughters and I took the ferry out of Orient Point here on Long Island to New London Connecticut.

(Note: This is a long one, so if you don't want to read it, skip to the end for the token nudity.)

The ferry ride costs $44 for the car a driver (that driver would be me) and takes about 1 ½ hours. It’s either that or a 4-½ hour, 200-mile car ride through New York City and along the Connecticut coast.

Which route would you have taken?

From New London we drove about 50 miles up to Lori’s brother’s place. The trip was about an hour.

Lori’s brother’s family lives in a 170-year-old house.

The house is right on the main road, which makes trying to sleep a challenge, and it’s about a ¼ mile down wind from a dairy farm. Lori’s brother told me the dairy spreads the manure over the fields about every other day.

“I knew I recognized that odor when we got out of the car.”

We stayed with her brother until Monday morning. The only bedroom that was available was on the second floor but had no bed to sleep on. So Lori packed two twin sized air mattresses for us to sleep on. They were actually pretty comfortable, but getting up off of them was, to say the least, a challenge for jolly old BTExpress (that would be me). I forgot to take a picture of that, sorry.

Saturday Lori, her brother, his wife and I went to a very large antique fair in Brimfield, Massachusetts.

It’s advertised as the “largest outdoors antique show in New England, with over 5000 dealers from all over the country”.

I can believe it when they say it’s the largest. We arrived about 9:30 am and left at almost 5:00 PM. That was 7 ½ hours and about gazillion miles of walking and we didn’t even come close to seeing the whole thing. Here are a few pictures from the fair.

We thought the clown head in the jar looked liked the head of an evil killer clown that was removed to keep the clown from killing again. That is until someone that had the clowns headless body put the head back on and let the clown run amuck once again. What do you think?

I saw a lot of very strange things at the fair. Right after we got there we walked over to one corner at the far end and saw this old lady with one blind, gray eye that pointed off to the right and what looked like her evil killer son. The old lady even cackled when she talked. I rush Lori out of there pretty quick cause this old lady looked evil and had things for sale that were obviously possessed by evil demon curses.

And that wasn’t even the strangest thing I saw that day. While Lori was looking at one booth, I wandered off and came across a booth that had a lot of old nazi pins, a small, oval plaque that had punched out the words “MEMBER IN GOOD STANDING OF THE KKK” and an 8 ½ by 11 inch framed ‘sculpture” (I don’t know what else to call it) of a skull and cross bones made out of fucking HUMAN TEETH!!!!!! NO SHIT! HUMAN TEETH! I could tell they were human because I saw a lot of my son’s baby teeth and these looked all discolored like real teeth. The thing looked very old too.

At another booth near by I saw mixed in amongst the arrowheads and all other kinds of stuff, two stone-carved figures of a small man. The man was about three inches tall and sticking out the front was a dick about six inches long. These must have been some of the oldest dildoes made.

Sorry, no pictures of this stuff either.

My poor feet hurt so badly that when they went back for day two at the fair on Sunday, I stayed home at her brother’s. I had a good time watching football games and drinking beer.

Okay, the trip to the fair was a 45-minute, 22-mile car ride through very rural countryside. Round trip, about 50 miles. We had to take a detour on the way home due to a traffic jam of everyone trying to get out of Brimfield at the end of the day. I didn’t have to drive this leg of our journey so saved my car a few miles.

Sunday night we all met Lori’s parent in a restaurant in Putnam CT to celebrate her father’s 81st birthday. Then Monday morning, since everyone had left for work and school when we woke up, Lori and I had awesome, hot sex snuggled before we left for Lori’s parents house. We stopped at the Dunkin Donuts in Putnam for breakfast sandwiches and coffee. Then drove the back roads the rest of the way to her parent’s house in Johnston, Rhode Island.

That trip was about 45 minutes and 40 miles.

I spend most of that day working on her mother’s computers. First it was the web cam that didn’t record sound and then the old laptop that hadn’t been updated in the three years her mom had it. Then I installed a program on the laptop so her dad could chat on line with an old friend that lives on an island off the coast of China teaching school. We also watched a few home movies that were put on VHS tapes. One was of the time her dad was in Alaska in 1948. He flew planes in the army. Another one was of a family reunion from last January.

Monday morning we woke up Lori and I fooled around snuggled before a breakfast of coffee and her father’s world famous pancakes. Damn, he makes good pancakes! He gave me his secret so I’m going to see if I can duplicate his recipe. I’m very flattered he gave me his recipe for pancakes. That must mean he likes me.

We left for the ferry and home at a little after 1:00 PM. Lori’s daughter stayed behind for a visit the rest of the week. I’ll bring her back home to her house next Saturday.

See, next Saturday I’m taking Lori back up to Connecticut by ferry for her family reunion in Ashaway, RI.

That’s about a 20 mile, 20 minute drive from New London, Connecticut where the ferry docks. We are only going for the day and coming back in the evening. I really missed my bed and the thought of sleeping on the pullout sofa again that soon, just isn’t appealing to me.

Well my friends, that’s another chapter in the retired life of yours truly, Tony, aka, BTExpress.

One more thing.

The last time I made a Half-Nekkid Thursday post without nudity, I heard about it. (You know who you are and thank you so very much.) So even though I have no naked shots of Lori or me from our trip last weekend, I’m going to post a picture from an old HNT post so I don’t hear about it again. So, for my fellow horn dogs and for your voyeuristic pleasures, here's a token HNT shot of me more than half nekkid watching one of my favorite movies.


gab said...

I would have loved to been at the antique show. Hubby and I love to go to those things. But until I get a scooter(cant walk that far because of back injury)But I love love love to look at all the cool stuff and yes buy sometimes to! Looks like your trip was fun Yeah i too would have taken the ferry. even at 44 dollars! Love your in the buff pic. 2 questions....(because Im a new reader) 1...what movie ya watching? 2....scar from?

BTExpress said...

1. The movie was a porno and all pornos are my favorite. Well, those and comedy's.

2. I got the scars from being wounded in Vietnam. Check out the link on the side bar to my Vietnam blog and you can read all about it.

Lisa said...

You "crack" me up with your notes and arrows!!

Whenever we would drive over the river and through the woods to grandmothers house, we'd pass a dairy farm....aaahhhh the fragrance of nature! :S

*~*Happy HNT*~*

Cosima said...

That sounds like a wonderful weekend!

...but you should think about wearing glasses when watching naughty movies ;)

Happy HNT to you and Lori!

LEE ANN said...

Sounds like a great time...great ending!
Happy HNT!

Mark Leslie said...

LOL! Great moon! Happy HNT!

(BTW, I'd take the ferry too, and I rather enjoyed the freak-show stuff you found at the antiques fair - but the scary clown head will keep me from being able to sleep now - thanks for that)

Leesa said...

Cute shot ;) HHNT

S said...

LOL Tony, I remember that shot! Looks like you two had another lovely weekend....

Blondie... said...

Woohoo! I remember that shot and wondering what the heck you were so intent on getting close to...hahaha

OMG the sculpture of teeth... eck!

Happy HNT

Katie :) said...

You two seem to have great adventures together!

Don said...

Sounds like a great time --- loved the "snuggling" comments. Definitely identify with the getting up off the air mattress thing.

T said...

You should have that tattooed permanently. You look good in pink. And nothing else.


HNB said...

What great shopping but that clown head in the jar is just really creepy!

barman said...

Love the post Tony but then I always do. First I would have to opt for the ferry ride. I have never done that and have always thouht it would be fun to try once. That and with the cost of gss you probably did not spend all that much more anyway.

Tony, I would have to believe believe that everyone likes you. You are one fun person. Of course you got the pancake recipie and this is kind of an honor. Good luck when you try to duplicate it. You got me all hungry now.

Fun HNT with obligatory nudity but of course I miss Lori. This is fun however. So is this plumbers crack?

What a great weekend. One thing that strikes me as interesting. I have not been to the new england states other than just barely setting foot in New York. Anyway you just mentioned a little bit of driving, not a ton, and here you where in 3 ro 4 states. I am used to driving over 12 hours and being in one state, or maybe driving 2 or 3 hours and being in 2 states. Things are definetly different out there in your neck of the woods.

lime said...

sounds like it was a great weekend. that tooth sculpture just sounds liek the freakiest, creepiest damn thing ever!

your HNT is a BTE classic, i love the labels.


No One In Particular said...

I too, would have enjoyed the fair. And now I want some pancakes! Looks like fun =)

Isolde said...

HHNT, BTE. I frequently travel north and always take the ferry.

Sexy Duet said...

I am exhausted just reading what you two have been up to! Happy HNT


jillie said...

You two sound like you're always up to something...that's great. Nice crack!
Happy HNT BTE!!

Beth said...

Wow. I'm so glad you specified which was NOT a scar. I was confused there for a second...

HHNT, Sugar!

Monogram Queen said...

I read the whole post Tony and LOVED it! (luv Lori's tie-dyed shirt btw). I totally agree about the clown head and the evil old lady/son duo. Y'all were lucky to escape unscathed :)
Sounds like a wonderful trip. I heart New England and hope to show it to my husband someday.

Sarah said...

Hey!! NOT FAIR!!

I've seen this one before..

not fair..

that trip.. yeah reading that.. made me tired.. fuck.. I couldnt do that shit

BTExpress said...

Mark - That's almost the same thing Lori's brother said when he saw the clown head. He hates clowns.

FelicityA - How about traveling south and visiting me and Lori on the weekend? We would stop by your place but you haven't told me how to get there. :-(

Patti Cake - You really read the whole thing? Thanks.

Roxi - Oh, now I'm getting yelled at for showing my ass. Boy, a guy just can't win around here. ;-)

Samantha Alice said...

Clowns scare me. But don't tell anybody, because I'm really ferocious in real life!

Wenchy said...

Totally LOVED reading this. ;)

Sarah said...

I still love you anyway

Jericho said...

I always enjoy reading of your adventures... I hope my retirement is as interesting...