Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Labor Day Theme

Our Half-Nekkid Thursday master, Os, asked that we post photographic evidence of our daily work commute, because those of us who live in the United States celebrated Labor Day yesterday. To accommodate those of us that are retired and fuck off everyday like I do, he asked us to show what your daily routine might be.

That's pretty easy for me. I pretty much do the same thing everyday and love every second of not working anymore. Did I mention that I'm retired now?

I usually sleep until about 11:00 am, today was noon. I sleep here. (No, I never make my bed)

I usually lay in bed watching TV for a while and then make my way to a place I call the library.

Once I've finished doing what I have to do in the library, I make my way to the kitchen and put on a pot of coffee. (This coffee maker is cool. I can steam milk with it for cappuccino)

While the coffee is brewing, I go into the place I call the "Blue Room" (I call it that cause it's painted blue) and turn on the computer so it's ready for "work". I don't really do any actual work anymore cause I'm retired. Spending my day on the computer is as close to work as I come now.

Once the coffee is ready, I make a cup and sit down in front of the computer reading emails, blogging, doing research on the Internet and stuff like that.

About 4:00 PM each day I celebrate Happy Hour with a gin & tonic.

That's pretty much how I spend each weekday "working" now that I'm retired and don't have to go to work anymore and can fuck off pretty much as much as I want to.

Did I mention that I'm retired now and fuck off most weekdays now?


Lisa said...

I'm guessing I've got another 30 years till I can have a day like yours.


mrs. m said...

I'm jealous. SOOOOOOOOOO jealous.

I have to go back to work in one week... and I really really really really don't want to go. Being off work has been so nice!

No One In Particular said...

Your commute & daily activities are surprisingly similar to mine =)

gab said...

I have a few years before I get to retire Oh wait I dont work...Back injury! Did you get your sink fixed?

jillie said...

BTE....you're my hero!!! Decaf Cap for me please and then an Absolute and Tonic with line would work woders for starters......Did you get your ticket for SD yet??? This is soooo coool. Since Jodes told us you were going to be here. I've got the perfect bottle of champagne that I have been holding for a few years. I been waiting for that special moment to share it. I think I've found it with all the special friends and supporters! Whooootiiiihooooo!!!!

BTExpress said...

le chat qui a peur - I'm sorry to hear that. :(

Lucky Pink - Should have hooked up with a rich guy then. ;-)

No One In Particular - And we both have nice looking legs too.

Gab - A post about that is next. Thanks for reminding me.

Jillie - I don't have Absolute, but I do have Smirnoffs. Is that okay? And yes, I bought my tickets for my trip to San Diego in November. Got a great deal via Southwest airlines. Only $99 each way! I am so excited about the trip. I'm bringing my girl friend Lori too so I hope that bottle of champagne is big enough. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Diggin' the 4PM protocol! ~wink~

lime said...

LOL, you are the envy of us all!

CozyMama said...

great post.......i cannot stand gin, how about a whiskey sour?

BTExpress said...

Jodes - Of course it can. It's just that I prefer gin & tonic.