Thursday, September 28, 2006

HNT – Another Busy Weekend

Friday night I picked Lori up after work and drove her to her place so she could get ready to go out that evening. Lori made us a drink which we had while she got ready. About 6:30 we left and walked into town to the restaurant. Lori lives right in the town of Greenport so we decided walking was a wiser choice than driving, being that we would be drinking and all. Two of Lori's children came with us. We ate dinner at the Blue Harbor Café on Front Street.

Dinner was simple; sandwiches, a burger, a couple salads and one drink each. It was good, but I was a bit startled to say the least when the check came and it was just over $130.00. I knew that had to be wrong, so I quickly checked the addition and saw that she had added wrong. I got about $89.00, not the $130.00 she came up with. Still a lot of money for what we had as far as I was concerned. I took the check up to the register and the waitress assured me the check was correct. “There’s tax too”, she said. My reply was “Not $40.00 worth.” (We have a sales tax of 8.625 fucking % in the county we live in). The bartender checked the addition on a calculator and sure enough, the waitress added wrong and the check was just over $89.00. I gave her $110.00 which included the tip.

After dinner the kids walked home and Lori and I left to meet up with a Blogger you may all know, FelicityA, but that didn’t work out because of cell phone difficulty, so Lori and I walked around town for awhile before going back to her place.

We had a good time, like we always do, in town. We sat close on a bench for awhile, talked and then took a ride on the town carousel. Lori got the gold ring and they gave her a ticket for a free ride.

We walked around for a little while and checked out a few bars in town, but every one of them was packed (except the local dive) so we went back to Lori’s place. We watched TV, had a couple of drinks and then went to bed. We snuggled before falling asleep, but I didn’t sleep well at all that night. The bed was comfortable enough all right, but for some reason I just couldn’t stay asleep.

The next morning Lori made some coffee and english muffins for breakfast while I waited in bed. (In case your interested, I always sleep naked, so of course I was naked while waiting for breakfast.)

After breakfast Lori, her daughter and I walked around town together because that day was the annual Greenport Maritime Festival. There was a light rain when we first went out and rained off and on for about another hour, but then stopped.

After the parade, the local Greek Orthodox church had a ceremony where they tossed a cross in the water by the town docks, and some kids dive in and be the one to get the cross. The boy that got the cross was given a trophy and a gold cross from a monitary. I saw a huge crowd following the Bishop and other clergy down to the dock. We walked over to the next dock and got a front row seat, well, front row standing spot, and watched the ceremony from there. Here are a few pictures of that event.

After that was over we walked around town checking out the vendors. I had a couple of beers and Lori’s daughter got something to eat. We did this for a couple of hours then walked back to Lori’s place so we could pick up our stuff. We were spending the rest of the weekend at my house.

Saturday night we had dinner, but damned if I can remember what we did for dinner. I do remember that we watched some movies and snuggled. I remember having Smart Food popcorn and Lori had some chips to snack on while we watched the movies.

Sunday morning we had breakfast out by the pool. I made coffee and egg sandwiches on toasted english muffins with american cheese. Wait! Lori toasted the english muffin!

Don't you just love my hair in that shot? I think that is one of my best "bed hairs" ever.

After breakfast Lori asked me to paint her toenails for her. I had been promising to do it for her for a few weeks, but just kept forgetting, so I said yes. Here’s the procedure we followed.

1. Shake polish gently to assure it is properly mixed.

2. The paintee, gently puts foot on the painter’s lap and the painter dips the brush in the polish and wipes off excess so as not to drip it on clothing or make a mess of the toes.

4. The painter paints all the toenails. being careful not to get anypolish on the skin or make a mess. Note: Toenail polish is paint and that shit don't come out of you get it on anything.

4. Repeat said procedure for each toe for as many times as it takes to do them all.

5. The paintee shall then rest their feet someplace until the polish dries. In this case, it was my lap. What do you think I was thinking at that moment?

I felt like cooking on Saturday so we went grocery shopping. We bought a bag-0-salad, some bratwurst, cauliflower, cheese sauce to put on the cauliflower and some buns for the brats. We bought two kinds of cauliflower, a purple head and an orange head.

When it was time to cook dinner, Lori asked me to pick the cauliflower I wanted to eat. They both looked good so I asked Lori to hold them up side by side to make choosing easier for me. That didn't help me decide because I loved them both. Which one would you have chosen?

Since I couldn't pick the one I liked best, we decided to have the purple one, since purple is one of my favorite colors. Lori put the other one in her car and cooked it Monday night with her dinner. I also made some pork and beans. Here are couple of pictures of the dinner I made.

Yummy! A mixed salad with blue cheese dressing. Cauliflower with cheese sauce. (Note: The purple cauliflower changed the color of the cheese. It tasted a whole lot better than it looks.) Pork & beans. Brats on a roll with mustard and lots of raw onion. Man, that was a good dinner!

WARNING: If you are offened by your lovers onion breath or the scent of their flatulance, don't have this too close to going to bed. Note: We don't mind it one bit! It's a real comfort finding someone that loves raw onions as much as we both do and someone that understands people fart and doesn't mind it at all. You know it's love when you find someone like that so don't let them go!

Here's the dinner table set all pretty and stuff. Notice the candles. I wanted it to be a romantic dinner and thought they would do the trick. You can see one of the candles just to the left of the dressing.

I don't think Lori was too happy I took this picture of her with her mouth full. Do you?

After Lori cleaned up from dinner, (remember, I cook, she cleans up) we watched some movies before retiring for a good night’s sleep. Lori had work the next day so we couldn’t stay up late.

The next day Lori left and went to her car to drive to work. As soon as she opened the door the odor from the cauliflower hit her. She said the inside of the car smelled like someone had farted in there. She drove the ½ hour to work with her car windows rolled down. The moral to this part of the story is “Don’t leave cauliflower in your car over night because the car will smell like shit the next day.”

Next weekend Lori and I are going out to dinner with all three of her kids on Friday night. Saturday we are spending the day at the Harvest Festival in Aquebogue (Go ahead, try and pronounce Aquebogue. 50 points to everyone that can.) Then it is back to my place for the remainder of the weekend.



Tommy said...

A-Kwe-Boge. THat's my guess. Great post Tony. It's great to be in love isn't it? HNT to the both of you.

Tommy said...

THat should say Ah-kwe-boge with a long "o" on boge.

S said...

You two are so damn cute! I just love your bed head, and painting her toenails? Oh, how sweet you are!

HHNT you two sweetie pies!

PS I noticed it was clear nail polish! :P

BTExpress said...

Sorry Tommy, that's not it.

Barefoot-Mistress - Thanks for the comment on the hair. All I can say is I'm glad I have my hair back to get bed head. The polish is a very pale pink, but the color doesn't show very well in the shots.

Mark Leslie said...

I love the shots of you putting the nail polish on. And the Einstein hair - I noticed how it kind of settled down after you drank your coffee. Interesting, that. Happy HNT you two! Here's to another phenomenally busy and fun weekend!

BTExpress said...

Thanks Mark.

Wenchy said...

I just love you two. Happy HNT to you both.... I need someone to do my toes!!!!

Anonymous said...

Btexpress, Your weekend accounts always make my day. Happy HNT to both of you!

HNB said...

Sounds like a great weekend. HHNT

Isolde said...

Yeah it sucked missing you and I still don't know how to retrieve messages or even what the outgoing message says. I know how to say Aquebogue but I guess that's cheating...
Love the cauliflower!

gab said...

I never have asked my hubby to do my nails...hummm wonder if he would!? love the bed hair. Loved the meal...well I dont like onions but hubby does and as long as I can stand him afterwards we are square! If looks could they say the one with Lori's mouth full. Oh well you two are one cute couple.

Chelle said...

You guys are just too damn I LOVE how you make even the littlest things amazing! Awesome pics and post! :)


The Middle Child said...

My boyfriend ate half a bag of frozen onions. He cooked them with pepperjack cheese and garlic. My boyfirend cannot smell therefore has no idea what he was doing to me. I think he got the picture though when I gagged all night!

This post was incredibly fun!!

Happy HNT!

lime said...

the bed head pics are hilarious. no offense buddy but she looks a lot better than you do in the morning! you're still adorable, you just look mad as hell.

i'm betting she could also spike cauliflower sales if the growers association got a hold of that one pic.

HHNt you two lovebirds.

MG said...

omg you are awesome (not the first time I've thought that)

I love your posts, love the details, all the pics, the things you two do together, love it all...

Thanks for the honest comments on my blog as well.


Monogram Queen said...

You guys always seem to have so much fun together and just enjoy life. So refreshing!
Hmmm i'm gonna say Ack-a-Boag ...

barman said...

The heck with picking one cauliflower. I chose the two in back. Just set the purple and yellow ones aside.

I wondered if you really ment she put that in her car. Gee, now I know what to do to someone as a prank.

Tony, I love your posts, especially when it involves the two of you. You two are super together. Awesome post.

Angela said...

I just love reading about ya'lls outings :-). Love, love love, the "bed head" *wink*:-). A man who'll paint a gals toes is a good man:-).

BTExpress said...

Wenchy - When you come to NY for your visit, I'd love to paint your toes. I'll do yours and Lori's at the same time. That'd be HOT! ;-)

Cosima - I'm glad, thanks.

HNB - It was a great weekend, but every weekend with Lori is a great weekend even if we don't do anything except "snuggle". ;-)

FelicityA - Okay, that's enough. We're going to be at the harvest festival this Saturday. Meet us there and bring your phone and the directions and I'll figure it out for you. Geese! What would you women do without us men? ;-)

Gab - It never hurts to ask, does it? And thanks for the other comments.

Chelle - Thanks. When your with someone you love, the little things are special, or they should be anyway.

Bekah - My late wife didn't like onions either so I didn't get to eat them much. But both Lori and I love onions, garlic, etc., so it's all good now. :-)

Lime - Gee...thanks a lot. :-(

MG - Thanks, and believe it or not, you are awesome too. That invitation to come up here for a visit is open anytime you want. Lori and I will show you a spanking good time! I promise. ;-) Besides, maybe a break is just what you need right now.

Patti Cake - Yep, life's good again! Sorry, your guess isn't correct either.

Barman - She put the cauliflower in her car along with a few other thing so she didn't have to do it in the morning. It was funny to see her unlock the car door and jump back when she got a wif of the odor.

Kaliblue - You can come over when I paint Wenchy's and Lori's toenails. My TMI Tuesday fantasy this week was for a threesome, but a foursome is good too. ;-)

No One In Particular said...

You have way more fun than me - no fair! Nice hair, by the way ;)

Sexy Duet said...

You two just have the best times together. Happy HNT!


CozyMama said...

you 2 crazy kids.

jillie said...

You guys are awesome! Always enjoying life to the fullest! BTW...LOVED the BJ story...HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Libby said...

tony-i echo all the others that say it's so great you two found each other to do fun things together (& snuggle too...i'm sure that fun for both of you!)

aughra said...

I always think that it's so super that you found Lori and are having so much fun, but I also think - man, she is one lucky lady to have found you. You take such great care of her. But, I shouldn't expect anything different, from the way you've spoiled me, and treated Foxy and I on our NY Rondezvous. Is that how you spell it?!!

Samantha Alice said...

This absolutely thrills me!

That cauliflower shot should absolutely be cropped for Boobiethon, dontcha think!?! We had the purple a while back, and it's a bit scary what it does to the water, but fun to eat.

Awesome, awesome stuff, Tony - so very happy for you both...