Thursday, September 07, 2006

Anniversary HNT

This past weekend Lori and I celebrated our "Sixth Month Anniversary". We met for the first time on March 4, 2006. Monday, September 4th was the actual anniversary date, but we celebrated all weekend. Here's a picture of Lori and me on our first date.

Friday night we went out to dinner for Italian food. Then we came home, showered and watched DVDs and snuggled in bed until we fell a sleep about 2:30 am.

Saturday I cooked breakfast (eggs over easy and fried SPAM) and we spent the day shopping and watched some more movies until we fell a sleep.

Sunday we went to "Bradstock XIII".

Bradstock is was day of music, food, friends and free soda, bottled water and beer. The festival’s "focus (is) on our environment and a determination to raise funds from the party to be given away to area organizations”. The event started at 10:AM and ran until 10:00 PM that night. They had two stages for the bands set up side-by-side. They started playing at 10:00 AM and a new band started every hour, so the music was non-stop. Since it was Sunday, the beer didn’t start being served until noon, but was free and all you could drink. There were six different beers from a local microbrewery, the Blue Point Brewery. The best part was I met some friends I hadn’t seen in a long time and Lori and I were invited by my friend Scott, his wife and friends to sit with them. I worked with Scott at my last job and we became good friends.

We had a great time and left about 8:30 PM. Here are some pictures we took at Bradstock.

When we got home, we ate the leftovers from Friday night’s dinner, watched some “adult” movies and snuggled until we fell a sleep. I have a copy of this so we watched it first.

Monday we went out to breakfast at Lori's favorite diner and then recreated our first date. Lori thought of doing this.

In the afternoon, we went to the movies at the same movie theater I took her too on our first date.

The first time we when to the movies we saw “Firewall” with Harrison Ford.

This time we saw “Snakes On a Plane”.

Both really good movies.

After the movie we went to Kenny’s Pub. That is the place I’ve told you so much about in my old posts. Kenny’s went out of business so we couldn’t go inside, but we still went there.

On the way to Kenny's, we stopped at a liquor store and bought a couple of shots of something so we could toast to Kenny’s and our anniversary.

Then I drove over to Kenny’s. We sat on a bench out front and made our toast.

Six months ago we ate dinner at Kenny’s, but since it was closed, we had to go somewhere else for dinner. Lori wanted to have the same thing we had on our first date; hamburgers, but this time with raw onion. We went to Ruby Tuesday for “Alpine Swiss Burgers: Peppercorn-seasoned burger topped with Swiss cheese and fresh sautéed Portobello mushroom slices”. I drank beer and Lori had Jack & Coke.

When we finished dinner, we went home. We couldn’t end the date like we did that first date, because….. well…… never mind. Let me just say we couldn’t. We did lie in bed close together cuddling and watched a movie until we fell a sleep.

Tuesday morning Lori left for work about 8:00 AM and will spend the rest of the week at to her place.

Another jam packed weekend for Tony & Lori, huh?

The fun continues this coming weekend. Friday afternoon we are taking the ferry over to Connecticut and visiting Lori’s brother and her parents. This is one of the weekends Lori and her brother go to one of those big fairs up where he lives. We will be at her brother’s place until Monday morning and then drive over to Rhode Island and visit her parents. We’ll take the ferry back to Greenport here on Long Island Monday afternoon.


Phain said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!

barman said...

Happy Anniversary you two. How special. You two make a perfect couple.

LEE ANN said...

Happy HNT!

Crimson said...

Sounds like a great time :) HHNT

S said...

You and Lori look so sweet together...

Katie :) said...

Congrats on the anniversary!
You two are so damn cute together! :)

Cosima said...

Happy anniversary! The two of you know how to celebrate in style.

Spitfire said...

Happy Anniversary!!


HNB said...

Happy Anniversary you two cute love birds.

lime said...

happy anniversary you guys. six months already. wow. that's great thouhg.


Chelle said...

Happy Anniversary!! You 2 aer so adorable....and you always look so happy. I love that!!


Sexy Duet said...

Happy Anniversary and may you share many more together.



Isolde said...

all this running about & still you haven't stopped in at my house. Hmmmmm

barefoot_mistress said...

Happy Anniversary, Tony and Lori!
Wow! What a jam packed weekend!

And, I love it how you show us your home repairs!

HHNT Guys!

jillie said...

You two are awesome...congratulations Tony and Lori!
Have a fun wknd..

If you want more "home repairs" to do, I have a whole
list you can start!!!!


gab said...

happy anniversary! Hope you have many more.

Libby said...

congratulations! make sure it lasts!!

patti_cake said...

That was so romantic! Best of luck to both of you. Keep enjoying life and each other like you do!

Jericho said...

Happy Anniversary!
I really enjoyed reading about your weekend and the dates.

Queen of Ass said...

You two are just so adorable! HHNT, Sugar!

BTExpress said...

Thanks for all the nice comments. We really appreciate them.

Lucky Pink said...

happy anniversary!
happy anniversary!
happy anniversary!

Wenchy said...

This is just so nice. Happy Anniversary guys!!!

Chickie said...

How sweet! I love how you recreated your toast at Kenny's Pub!

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