Saturday, June 04, 2005

Is Sunday Heaven?

If you remember, my wife has had terminal brain cancer for two years. Six months to a year is a normal life expectancy for someone like this, so for her to make it for two years is something as far as I'm concerned.

Barbara gets confused pretty easily, sometimes hallucinates, and since her thinking isn't very clear anymore what with the brain surgeries, seizures, medication, etc., she says some strange things sometimes. So Thursday night I hear her fussing and talking to herself which isn't unusual for her in her condition, so I go in to her and try to get her to tell me what the problem is. I always do this, because I want to see if there was something I can take care of; like she is cold, hungry, wants a drink or something.

I asked her what's wrong a few times and she says, "Sunday is heaven." "What did you say I asked?" But she didn't answer me so I dropped it.

But I've been thinking about those three words a lot since then. I've been wondering if she had a premonition. I mean, does she know she is going to die on Sunday and go to heaven? Or, was she just saying strange things like she often does?"

I just have to wait and see.


Lucky Pink said...

It's possible that Barbara knew that I don't have to work today, thus Sunday is heaven.

BTExpress said...

LOL. You may be right.