Sunday, June 19, 2005

Happy Father's Day Tony

Me: Thanks. Happy Father's Day to you too, Tony.

Myself: Got anything planned?

Me: No, today's just like every other day now.

Myself: You got any plans.

Me: No. Same as you, nothing.

Myself: Did Brian get you anything?

Me: No, but he did wish me Happy Father's Day before he went to work.

Myself: Not even a card?

Me: No.

Myself: Me neither.

Me: Well, I guess it's just us today, huh?

Myself: Yep. Here give me your cup and let me get you another cup of coffee.

Me: Thanks. That'd be nice.

Myself: When's Happy Hour going to start today?

Me: Maybe around 3:00 since today is a special day.

Myself: That's fine. Want to get drunk?

Me: Can't. Remember? We have to take care of Barbara.

Myself: Oh yeah. Well, at least let's get a little buzz on. Ok?

Me: I with ya.

Myself: Here's your coffee.

Me: Thanks.

Me & Myself: Happy Father's Day to us, Happy Father's Day to us, Happy Father's Day dear Tony, Happy Father's Day to us.

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