Thursday, June 09, 2005

Blogs Rock

I love blogs. Do you love blogs?

Blogs are so varied in content, and convey such a vast range of emotions; it’s amazes me.

There are blogs that make me laugh. There are blogs that make me sad. There are blogs that shock me. There are blogs that even make me horny. There are blogs that make me feel none, or one, or even all of these emotions, and even more.

I especially like to read blogs about sexual escapades and fantasies. That’s my weakness. What can I tell you? I’m just a slut at heart.

Bloggers, thanks for letting me into your lives, a view I feel privileged to be let in on. A view I love.

I love blogs. Do you love blogs?


aughra said...

sure do. What does my blog do for ya?

BTExpress said...

You make me laugh and sometimes give tingly feelings. You see, I have a very good imagination. ;)

BTExpress said...

Then you go and make me sad by tonight's post.

Lucky Pink said...

My blog rocks.

Ragnarok said...

Of course I love blogs! I love reading other people's thoughts, though sometimes it's difficult to post your own for others to read, sometimes it's just a blank canvass!

SoH said...

i do,i jut wish they had a better name