Sunday, June 19, 2005

I feel better now

My son Brian didn't forget me after all. He just got home from work and gave me a card and a gift certificate to Best Buy for $50.

He loves me after all. Very Happy


Foxglove said...

As the daughter of a dad( I know what are the odds!),Itend to send stuff late. Doesn't mean I don't love my dad, just that I forgot to mail it or the only cards CVS had left were the ones with entire Biblical passages and those tend to scare him.

Hang in there- and BTW I think it's wonderful that you're keeping your wife's hospice care at home- no one should have to die in a hospital, away from their families and the things they love. I've seen way too many of my patients die alone in a strange hospital room. The decision you've made is both courageous and kind. I wish all people with terminal illnesses could have a spouse like you. Bless you both

BTExpress said...

Barbara wants to be at home, my son Brian wants her to be here too, and so do I. I would have it no other way. I made a promise, "till death do us part", and I will keep it. She deserves no less.

Thank you for the kind words. I want you to know what you said means a lot to me. Thank you so very much.

Foxglove said...

Again, I'm so happy that you've chosen to honor your wife this way- so many people forget those parts of the vows when it's convenient. You two are a testament to true love and real commitment. I just wish you could have many more years together, but I know that you'll both make the most of the time you do have. And then you can go make speeches around the country and make all those jerks who ditch their loved ones feel as guilty as they are. I showed my husband your blog and told him about how you're taking care of your wife at home and he said "that's how it should be. That's a real man. I know we can count on each other to do the same." I hope things aren't going too badly right now- my (granted non sanctioned religiony) prayers are with you both.