Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend Update!

I took a shower. That is all.

But today was a big day! I decided to go to the doctor for a prescription for the vertigo. It's a lot better, but too irritating to let it go away on it's own. All of my medical care is handled by the Veterans Administration now at no cost to me, but I didn't think it wise to drive myself the 45 minutes to the VA hospital emergency room with the vertigo. So I decided to drive the one mile to the local walk-in clinic instead.

It took 2 1/2 hours to get the prescription that I told the doctor I needed and have taken the other three times I had the vertigo. That cost me $100 due to my lack of medical insurance and not wanting to risk killing myself and others driving to the VA there and back. I made out with the meds though as they cost just $20.


Libby said...

tony, i hate this shit for ya!! my ms's first symptom was dounle-vision, feeling dizzy when i turn my head each way to look for traffic (which is why i had to give up my license in 2000...before i had a wreck!) i still take meclizine 3 tms a day...still feel like that tho! i hope yours goes away soon!! [hugs]!

bookbinder said...

I just hope meclizine works SOON! I hate this dizzy shit!

Monogram Queen said...

Yikes! When i've had it nothing they gave me helped, what did you get (if you don't mind me asking). Feel better Tony!

bookbinder said...

Thanks Patti. Meclizine also named Antivert.

Lil Bit said...

You took a shower, lol - yay! - sometimes that DOES feel like a big accomplishment, don't it?

But, sheesh, with VERTIGO, hell, I guess it really IS an accomplishment!... might need to have Lori hop in there with ya. Wouldn't want you slippin' and fallin' in there!

Ain't it always the case that when you TELL the doc what you need (or what you have), it's usually not only true but you end up wasting a bunch of time just for their confirmation. Gah!

Hope you're over this dizzy spell soon, darlin'!

*big hugs*

OH!! - Here's something for ya!
I ♥ your blog! =D

Anne Marie said...

Please never hesitate to ask!! I dont require much in the form of payment ;-}
really next time just ask me!!

TUG said...

I'm glad you got some meds for it. Like you said, don't want it to hit during a bad time.