Thursday, September 18, 2008


Due to the constant risk of chafing when Lori isn't here, she hooked me up with a weekday girl friend named Gigi. Lori met Gigi at a sex toy party Lori hosted a few weeks ago. Gigi isn't all that pretty, quite ugly actually, but looks aren't eveything.

Meet Gigi.

Speaking of Gigi.




Kittie Kate said...


"Hi!" to your new girlfriend!

Happy HNT!

jillie said...

I get sloppy seconds!

I hope you have fun breakin in your new two just crack me up!!!


Libby said...

tony-you're NEVER bored, are you?? (lol)!

Osbasso said...

Ummmm... I've got nothin'...

Ashly Star said...

Oh cool! I was hoping that since you commented and told me about the toy she got you that you would have a post here about it, lol.

Awesome. You make me laugh. I need to remember to comment more often when I pop over here. You know, so you know I'm here, lol.

Happy Thursday! :o)

Monogram Queen said...

Oh dear - Lori's gonna be jealous!

Anne Marie said...

Lori already told me how much you like GIGI!!! I need to get her for Bill!! Have fun with her!!

Sam said...

Awesome! I think your new girlfriend is super sexy.

Monogram Queen said...

When I posted my comment the top part of your post wasn't visible to me - now it is. I take it back - Lori WON'T be jealous because she bought it for you. I feel like such a dope LOL

Lurker said...

I hope Gigi won't be jealous when Lori's over! heehee Oh looky there, I commented again...dammit. j/k

bookbinder said...

Libby - Nope, never bored.

Os - I know, another post with TMI.

Amorous Rocker - I figured if you can post pics of your toys, then I can too.

Anne Marie - I recommend it!

Sam - I'll tell her.

Pattie - I was wondering why you said that. Last night Lori asked the same question. Nice to see your not loosing it. LOL

Lurker - No jealousy, we are going to have a threesome. :-)

SIMPLY ME said...

save some energy for me, it's the weekend baby!

Samantha Alice said...

Don's Gigi is green. She's awesome when I want to make him happy but not up to the deed myself.

Of course, she's not his only allowed girlfriend. ;-}

Libby said...

tony, come on, give gigi a break already!! we miss ya here, too, ya know? (we're needy!)