Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm sorry Libby, ......

...... but I've been busy.

Thursday Lori came over after work on and we went out to dinner, then snuggled.

Friday we stayed in, had pizza for dinner. Then we got busy with you know, three time. Okay, I woke her up twice during the night to play. FYI-No, I'm not able to do IT three times a night anymore, but I like to make sure my baby has her's as many times as she wants. If you get my drift. ;-)

Saturday we went out east. We stopped by the aquarium Lori works at so she could meet her biggest client. Worth the meet & greet, because the lady tipped Lori $75. Then we drove farther east and stopped at a general store so Lori could spend the gift certificate she won at the pig roast in June. Then we drove even farther east and stopped at The Old Barge for about the best seafood dinner I've had in years. Then we drove about as far east as we could before running out of land, so Lori could check out her old stomping grounds in Greenport. Finally we went back to my place.

Sunday we went to the West Islip Country Fair to watch Melissa sing a set. She was terrific as always. Not to brag or anything, but she loves us. I tell Lori she really loves me and must have an Old Guy fetish, but she has to say she loves her too, so Lori will let me go see her.

You want proof that she loves me? Here's the MySpace message I received from Melissa later that evening.

Sep 21, 2008 8:11 PM

Wow!! You are GREAT!!!! Thanks for coming out today. You're the best. You and Lori are GREATTTTTTTT! Thanks again soooooooooo very, very much for ALL your support Tony.
Your friend in "real life"
Much love
Melissa Ann xoxo

See, I told you she loved me best. :-)

During her set Melissa saw me and waved. Aren't I special? LOL Then her manager Johnny saw us and came over to say hello. Lori got a kiss, but all I got was a hand shake. Guess Johnny is into chicks. Thank goodness!

Here's the proof!


I can't wait until she makes it big. Johnny said that we were invited to travel with them and ride on the tour bus when she gets one. I'm not holding my breath, but wouldn't that be cool to do that?

I might even get my own groupies.


Libby said...

...awww...tony, you're right, you have been busy..and not neglecting lori, which is what i was concerned about!!

Monogram Queen said...

Tony I have no doubt at all that you would have your own groupies!

and why does Libby get singled out? *pout*

bookbinder said...

Patti, please don't pout. Yesterday Libby yelled at me in my last post about not making a new post.

Misses M said...

Um, don't you kind of already have your own groupies? Or should I be calling myself something else? ;)

And you've been visiting my blog, haven't you? Haven't you???

Monogram Queen said...

Okay - all is forgiven then ;)

TUG said...

You'll have to be careful with your tendencies toward half-nekkidness on that bus :)

Anne Marie said...

Hey you left me out of that post!!!! :-{ I was part of your weekend also you know even if it was only for a few minutes!!! Oh and dont forget the 2 lovely little ladies I brought with me!!! LOL Love ya Tony!!!!! HUGS AND KISSES

Moosekahl said...

Damn...that girl can sing!