Friday, October 13, 2006

This Weekend is Going to be Awesome!

Tomorrow afternoon Lori and I are going to Atlantis Marine World in Riverhead to go a shark dive. Yes, you read this right, we are going on a shark dive. Lori works at Atlantis and is required to go on the dive so she can experience it first hand. She gets to bring one guest and that's me.

First we spend some time in a classroom to learn some stuff and then we’ll put on wet suits and get in the shark cage. Then we are submersed for about a 1/2-hour in the 120,000-gallon tank to observe the sharks and other fish in their world. We wear full-face masks with earphones and microphones in them so the instructor, Lori and I can talk about what is going on the whole time. I'm really looking forward to this. A couple of Lori’s co-workers are going to be there to watch us and will be taking some pictures I’m told, so I’ll post pictures of this next week. How cool is that? Click on this link and check it out.


Last night my son left for the weekend and won't be back home until late Sunday night. So Lori and I will have the place to our selves. Brian is spending the weekend in a cabin somewhere in upstate New York with his girl friend, her sister and her sister’s boyfriend. His girl friend’s-sister's-boy friend's-family (got that?) owns a cabin on a lake up there somewhere. They all get along very well, so I'm sure they will have a good time.

With no chance my son will be home until Sunday, the Official Rules of Nudism are in effect at my house until late Sunday night! WOO FUCKING HOO!!!!!!!!

Have a great weekend y'all!!!


Jodes said...

have a great time and smack that ass.

gab said...

Woo F**king Hoo have a great time!

lime said...

you have a GREAT time. the shark dive is um....well....not my favorite, but you enjoy. i'd be more about the official rules of nudism.

barman said...

Wow that shark dive sounds inceadable. I am not sure if I would freak out because of some of those science fiction shows I have seen but I think, given the chance, I would love to give it a try. That is awesome that you will be in full contact while you are diving.

Have fun with the new, I mean NUDE, rules.

Wenchy said...

Have a MOST wonderful time!!

patti_cake said...

Hope y'all had a wonderful time! I"m too chicken to do that but i'll live vicariously through you!
Enjoy the nude week-end. Y'all crack me up. You enjoy life so much and that's so refreshing! I am always smiling when I read about you and Lori's exploits!

jillie said...

WOW! A shark dive...sounds exciting but nothing that I think I would ever want to do. Hope your nude wknd was fun fun fun!