Thursday, October 26, 2006

Swimming Pool Memories 2006 HNT

Remember when a swamp covered my swimming pool?

Remember when Lori and I worked so hard cleaning the pool to get it opened for the summer?

And Lori was the first person to christen the pool that day by taking a dip?

Remember when Lori and her kids came over and we had Forth of July pool party?

And I showed off my awesome talent for belly flops diving?

Remember when the pool started leaking and I fixed the leak by replacing the elbow under the skimmer?

Remember when Lori’s family and her brother’s family all came over and we had another pool party?

Remember the skinny-dipping?

Remember breakfast on the deck by the pool?

And the day I painted Lori's toenails?

So do we.

That’s why it was such a sad day last Sunday when it was time to close the pool until next year.

We had a lot of great times with that pool. Times we will never forget.


gab said...

Now see this is why I want to move to Fl then I can have a pool all year round think of the fun!!!

3.14 said...

so sad...but just think of next year and how fun it will be again!

Chelle said...

I's so sad when we close our pool, too :( Oh well....jsut more to look forward too :) and lots of good memories to get you through the winter!!! Dang you 2 are so cute togetehr :)


Regal said...

Happy HNT - and a farewell to Summer

lecram sinun said...

Great pics and memories, my friend. Cheers and Happy HNT!

barman said...

Thanks to your posts we had a lot of good times to Tony. U remember all but one thing. Such good times. It make you look forward to next spring/summer. What to do before then ... I know, snuggle!

Leesa said...

What a great time :)

S said...

Well you will just have to start over next year with some new adventures near and in the pool!
HHHNT Lori and BTE!

Tommy said...

What a great trip down memory land Tony. It won't be long and you'll be bitching about having to clean it and get it ready for summer again. LOL HHNT to you and Lori!

Anonymous said...

Aaah, sweet memories! Although looking at the pic I somehow think that you didn't work as hard as Lori to get it!

Happy HNT!

Mark Leslie said...

I remember so many of those things as if I was there with you guys all summer. (Okay, I might as well have been watching from behind the edge on the far side of the pool . . . not all that different than lurking, isn't it?)

Just think of all the fun summer memories that start again in just a matter of months (and the fun winter ones that are on their way)

Isolde said...

Nice series. I'm gald you guys had such fun...but the "working to get it ready to open" picture?--looks like YOU'RE relaxing, lol.

Stealth said...

awww you guys always have the sweetest hnts, I swear!

HHNT, and so long till next time pool!

lime said...

awwwww. summer really is over then. but i kow next summer will be a blast too.


jillie said...

So it's time to say good bye for the summer...time to create some warm cozy memories for the winter...ohhhh...nice, warm fires, hot toddies :o) You two are an awesome pair and I can't wait to meet the both of you. Only two weeks away! HHNT!

CozyMama said...

you painted her toes, how cute is that......only 2 weeks man and you will be here. Jillie and I have been talking about where to eat dinner with the 2 of you that night. Lisa will be there too and possibly another teammate.

Anonymous said...

"remember when",
bittersweet... but thanks for the post, I enjoyed it :)

barman said...

Tony I loved your coverage of the shark dive better than Racheal Ray. Their's was just so short. I think we should be putting you up for an award.

Sexy Duet said...

Summer is just starting here, I hope we have as much fun as you two have had. Happy HNT!


Sarah said...

Soi fucking adorable.. that made me smile.. I love you guys