Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Product Testing

I started filling out those on line survey some time ago. You know the kind, answer some questions and be awarded some points. When you get enough points you pick a prize.

I did that for a while and then I got a survey last July asking me if I drank coffee, how much, etc. I answered the questions and they told me I qualified to test some coffee for them and did I want to test some? They said they would be sending me some coffee and at the end of a period of time, I just had to agree to answer questions about the coffee and let them know what I thought.

Sure I answered. Why not? I'll take pretty much anything if it's free.

A few weeks later three cans of coffee showed up at my door. Well, it really didn't just show up. The UPS guy dropped them off.

The coffee was pretty good.

I eventually got an email from them a few weeks later asking me to go to their web site and answer some questions about the coffee. I tried, but couldn't because I had some trouble signing on to their web site. I was disappointed because I thought that since I got the free coffee, but didn't answer the questions, they would drop me from the testing part.

But I was wrong.

A few weeks ago, which is now three months later, I got a survey asking about my usage of an automatic dish washer. I do use one, so I answered the questions. At the end of the survey, they told me I qualified, and asked me if I wanted to test some dish washer detergent.

NICE! More free shit!

I said yes and last week the UPS guy dropped off three bottles of the stuff.

I tried it that same day. Ain't it pretty?

They want me to try it for four weeks and answer some questions. Then try it for eight more weeks and answer some more questions.

No problem guys! You just keep sending me free stuff, and I'll try as much of it as you want.

BTW, I recently signed up to view emails for some company. I get money to view emails. I only get about 2 or 3 cents for each one I look at, but it's free money, so I'm doing it.

I love this survey stuff!

Edit: Due to the requests from a couple of hot babes, here is the url for the two survey web sites I use. The first one is the one that sends me the free stuff to try.




gab said...

I do survays too, only thing I get is sorry you dont qualify. But why? I dont know. MAybe cause Im female?lol
BTW what ever happened to your banker friend that had all that money for you?

Libby said...

good job, tony! i do that too, and once got shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc...but, yeah, what happened to the nigerian guy??

BTExpress said...

FYI - The Nigerian guy stopped communicating with me. I tried to get him interested again by having Ellie May send him an email, but he's ignoring me. I knew that he would get tired of wasting time on me if I delayed too long.

Gab - When I signed up, Barbara was still alive so I registered me, her and Brian. I get survey requests for all three of us over time. I think if you register all the people in your family, (even though you will be the only one answering the surveys)that you'll qualify more often.

jillie said...

Gee...why am I working?

barman said...

Gee Tony, tell then you like to eat sea food and snuggle and watch porno and ... you never know what they might hook you up with. Hey how about three vacations to somewhere...

BTExpress said...

LOL! Great idea, I just might try that.

lime said...

holy crap, how'd you get hooked up with this gig? free stuff is great

Anonymous said...

I'm with Lime... details!