Monday, July 10, 2006

Some Good News and Bad News

I have some good news and some bad news. I’m going to get the bad news out of the way first.

The bad news is that my swimming pool has a leak. I first noticed it Friday morning. The level in the pool dropped about 2-½ inches from Thursday to Friday morning and then by the Saturday morning it dropped another 1-½ inches where it has held steady now. Since the pool is 16 feet by 32 feet and holds about 18,000 gallons of water, that 4-inch drop in water equals about 294,912 cubic inches of water. (Actually it’s a little bit more because I’m leaving out the volume of water on the steps that were lost too) Now, one gallon of water is 231 cubic inches. So if I divided the 294,912 cubic inches of water I lost by 231 cubic inches in a gallon of water, I get the total number of gallons of water that leaked out of the pool. That means 1,276.6753 gallons of water leaked out of the pool to who knows where? Now since my water company charges $1.0622 per hundred cubic feet of water and since one cubic foot of water equals 7-1/2 gallons that means I have to divide 1,276.6753 by 7-1/2 and I get 170.22337. Now when I multiply the 170.22337 cubic feet if water by the $1.0622 per hundred cubic feet of water my water company charges, I get $180.81126. Now if I add the $180.81126 the lost water cost me, to the money I paid for the new pool filter pump, new pool supplies and the pool chemicals that I’ve used so far, that's a grand total of $A$ $F$U$C$K$I$N$G$ $L$O$T$ of money to go swimming in the hole in my back yard.

And I thought my boat cost me a lot of money to operate.

Now speaking of the boat, I have some good news. Lori and I spent sometime on Saturday and Sunday unloading the boat so I can sell it. Here are a few pictures.

Here's a shot of Lori's car next to the boat for size perspective.

Here's shot of the inside of the boat looking in the door way into the salon area.

Here's a shot of the back of my head packing up the paper goods under the side cabin bottom bunk.

Here's a shot of Lori holding open the bag of trash for me. I took this picture because I thought her cleavage looked great.

Here's a shot of Lori bending over to pick up something off the steps. I took this picture for the same reason I took the one just above this one, I liked the view of her boobies.

Here's a shot of me after having just gotten out of the pool so you get a look at my legs and my ass. For some unknown reason to me, Lori likes the look of my legs and ass.


gab said...

LOL does Lori know how you talk about her on your blog? I wish I could buy your boat. Hubby and I want one so badly! I keep thinking "when I win the lottery" we will buy a boat. Ouch...sorry about the pool. I need one for my back but again I cant afford it. Plus in MN 3 months outta 12 isnt worth the time and trouble. I gotta move to Fl!
(ps whispering Your butt and legs look ok to me)

BTExpress said...

Gab - Sure Lori does, she reads it everyday.

barman said...

First Ouch, my head hurts from all the math. Second sorry about your pool. I bet that will be fun fixing it not to mention the water, chemicals, etc. Third who cares about the boat? Bring on more pictures of ... oh, good news about the boat there. Hopefully you can sell it soon. I would imagine that would be hard to sell in the off season. You sure have a large ... boat there Captain.

CozyMama said...

you should have saved those for HNT - I have some great photos on the team site and a story of our 20 mile walk on my site!!!! Training SUCKS!!!

Beth said...

Hey! Sheets is looking for a boat!

MamaKBear said...

LOL I was gonna say the same thing Barman said...all that math made my head hurt! A leaky pool, that really sucks.

That's a cool boat...I'd buy it if I could! Good luck on gettin' it sold!

MG said...

I'm sorry about your bad news...
but your personal commentary on the pictures cracks me up!


reading your blog is always a high point for me ;)

BTExpress said...

Barman - My head hurt after I was done doing the math too. ;-)

Jodes - I was going to save the cleavage pics for HNT, but I took some even better ones later that day that I will post instead.

Q of A - Get him the word it's for sale. It's FOB NY though, so shipping is on him.

MammaK - Thanks.

MG - Thanks for the nice compliment. :-)

No One In Particular said...

Only a horndog like you could turn cleaning out a boat into something like this! I skimmed over (no pun intended) most of the pool math, but I wish you the best of luck at getting it fixed before you have to pay for even more water!