Sunday, July 16, 2006

I'm so excited!

Lori is coming home tomorrow. She has been at her brothers in Connecticut this weekend. One weekend each month during the summer, they get together and go to a huge fair over in Massachusetts. She's catching the 9:00 AM ferry, going home for a bit and should be here around 12 or 1. She's staying with me until Wednesday morning when she has to go to work.

The best part!

My son is working 8 to 5!

So that means SKINNY DIPPING!!!!!!!!

And lots of SNUGGLING!!!!!!!

In NUMEROUS ROOMS of my house!!!!!!!!


WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!


gab said...

LOL have fun.

lecram sinun said...

You crack me up... you guys are out of control! Go for the gusto! Cheers!

Felicity said...

Hey...found youthru Wenchy's...I'm on LI, too!

Libby said...

oh, gosh! you two are like teenagers!! lol!! isn't it great?? never, ever lose that!!

No One In Particular said...


barman said...

I want what ever you are drinking. I love it Tony. I hope you two have a great time over the next few days.