Saturday, September 03, 2005

I may be wrong...

…but it seems to me, that most of the bloggers that discuss their sexual relationships, or have sexually orientated blogs, are women? (Not that I frequent sexually orientated blogs mind you, well, not very often anyway.)

It seems like very few men discuss their sexual relationships as openly as women do. The exceptions do seem to be when their wives also discuss it openly.

Are most men satisfied with their sex lives? (I doubt that.)

Do their partners satisfy their every sexual need? (I doubt that too.)

Is it because women are hornier than men are, or men don’t give them what they need?

Or maybe men are just more inhibited?

Why do you think that is? Or am I wrong?


Mimi said...

I think we women are just more inclined to speak about things of an intimate nature openly.

It seems to me that the only men who talk often about sex are the ones who have problems revolving around sex in their relationships.

As for me, I just like sex ALOT. I like to think about it and talk about it and do it. The naughty stories you see posted on my blog are more for me than anything else. THey really get me worked up and horny which is a good thing for me and the hubby :-)

Sometimes I worry that I talk too much about it. I dunno....

Libby said...

i think a lot of guys are secretly inhibited, but would never admit it (especially to themselves!). It takes a woman to get him to open up to her...and, OMG, if that ever happens, he's gonna marry you, so you won't have a chance to tell anyone else! (little does HE know!)
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Jinxy said...

Girls right about it and it's titilating and they get more readers and commenters out of it.

Men write about it and they can only be seen as a braying jackass who is crowing about his own pathetic exploits.

Let the women have it.

Theirs are better reading anyways.

Jinxy said...


Write not Right!