Monday, August 10, 2009

When will I ever learn?

I locked myself out of the house again this morning. You would have thought that I'd learned my lesson the last time I locked myself out, which was only a month or so ago. I even had the extra key made.


gab said...

soooo Put one outside somewhere so only you can find it.

Anne Marie said...

SSSOOO where did you put this extra key?? Let me guess on your key chain!!

BTExpress said...

Great idea Gab!

No Anne Marie, I put it in my wallet. That's a good place, right?

TUG said...

LOL...I did the same thing that weekend!!! I had just emptied my pockets and locked the doors. But I had to take some trash out. Our door knobs will open from the inside even when locked...I hate it! Luckily, I had one window open but it was about 10 ft up. I had to get the ladder from the kid's swing set to climb up and then fight with the screen for about 10 mins (so I didn't damage it). I just barely had enough leverage to pull myself up and hang over the ledge to get myself back inside.

I'm going to install a keypad for my garage door so I can open it from the outside and hide a key inside my garage.