Monday, August 31, 2009


Lots of drinking, plenty of food, topless chicks, naked asses, skinny dipping, chicks touching each other, a butt rub by me for the poor girl that fell on her bum.

I'm trained in first aid so it's okay.

And no, it wasn't Lori's ass I rubbed.

Don't worry, I told her.

And my new under water digital camera, which, BTW, was the best $161 I ever spent.

There were 231 pictures taken, but sorry, no pictures, because what happens in my new back yard resort, stays in my new back yard resort and on my laptop.

Unless you want a picture of my naked ass.

You know something?

It's good to be me.



Anne Marie said...

Ok you had the party in the rain??
Sounds like fun was had by all!!

BTExpress said...

A little rain didn't stop us and everyone had a ball. Everyone but two guys were swimming, drinking & eating until about 1:30.

Anonymous said...

So did the neighbors call the cops? oh no wait, they were at the party too! Right??

BTExpress said...

No cops in either case. No one was loud, just having fun.

Shumpy said...

what kinda camera did you get?

BTExpress said...

I bought a Fugifilm Z33WP. It's water proof to 10 ft, so perfect for the pool. I got it on sale at Best Buy for $161 + a free 2G memory card. It looks like any other digital camera, so isn't in a bulky plastic case.

S said...

My god, you are out of control man!

Have fun :P

BTExpress said...

S, I'm just enjoying life and living it to the fullest with my partner in crime, the woman I love.