Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Things had been going well with my outdoor back yard project. Yesterday, about 1/4 of the pavers had been put down.

Today, Lori and I made a toast to my "resort".

WTF are those things on our wrists you ask? They're hospital bracelets. You know, the bracelets they give you when need medical attention in a hospital. Today, Wednesday, Lori went to the hospital to get some shots in her spine that are supposed to relieve the pain from her ruptured discs. My bracelet was a present the VA hospital gave for my injured hand/wrist.

Long story short, I was cleaning my pool and stumbled over some patio stones. I fell forward and reached out with my left hand to break my fall. I tried to stop myself from falling in the pool, but alas, no use, in the pool I went.

Two of the construction worker ran over to help, but I assured them I was okay. I then swam to the steps, climbed out of the pool dripping water feeling like an idiot for not paying attention to were I was going.

My hand hurt a bit, as much as anyone's hand that smashed down on concrete. Not that painful, but it did hurt. I went inside, stripped to my birthday suit and got in the shower. That done, I hung up my wet clothes in the basement.

A few hours later, the swelling and pain alarmed me. I fucked up hand when I fell. I called Lori and asked her for a favor, "Can you give a ride to the hospital, I think I broke my hand?"

Of course she agreed, but do you know what her second thought was?

You'll never guess.

She was relieved that it was my left hand and not my magical right hand. The hand with the magic fingers. You figure out why they are magical. ;-)

Anyway, she came over and drove me to the VA hospital. I was the only one there. I saw the doctor, had x rays and was told it didn't look broken. That surprised me, because my hand was the size if the Good Year blimp.

Fine. I got me some drugs, a bandage and Lori drove me home. She stayed with me to make sure I would be okay.

Today she had a procedure that hopefully, relieves the pain she's had daily for the last five years. So far, so good. Only time will tell.

The day goes by, I apply ice on and off and and take the drugs. I was looking forward to the swelling going down, so I can enjoy the BBQ at my place on Saturday. (BTW, you're all invited.) I really expected my hand to feel better and look better, but no, that would be too much to ask.

Yes, ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww......... I think the doctor's daginosis may be wrong. What do you think?

Looks like tomorrow I will be getting a second opinion.


FYI, girls, sympathy pics will be gratefully appreciated. HINT, HINT.....


SIMPLY ME said...

Your wish is my command.....check your email :)

Feel better baby!

gab said...

Awwww Im sorry Tony. I really hope its not broke. When you do that party on Sat. Will you have a drink for me eat some goodies and then sing Happy Birthday to me? Oh yeah and can you have Lori tape it and send it to me? LOL not asking much am I?

marcellonyc said...

First, Thank you.

Second, the back yard is looking great!

Third, it doesn't look broken, but as the swelling comes down the pain may increase. If it does and is persistent for 3 weeks, get an MRI—you may have torn a ligament or tendon.

As for Lori, the epidural pain meds work very well and she should get relief, but what she really needs is a doctor that does spinal decompression therapy and/or laser therapy. The two combined are the best. I perform laser therapy, but I do not have a decompression unit yet—hopefully in the next few months.

For your hand R.I.C.E. (Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate)

Have a happy and safe forth. If there is anything you or Lori need, questions answered etc. email me


Mark Leslie said...

Sorry to hear about the hand, Tony. Here's hoping the new pain (and the recurring pain from Lori) is soon a faded memory. Happy HNT!

gusgreeper said...

boo on the hand but that pool area looks really good. hope your lil' lady feels better soon too,

Dana said...

I'd say a second opinion is definitely in order!

Heal quickly!

Barbara said...

HAPPY 4TH...T thank you personally for all you did for this great country!

Libby said...

tony, you & lori have my total sympathy! the pool area looks GREAT!!

Lil Bit said...

WOW!, look at the PROGRESS on your back yard project!!! Wow, it's looking GREAT.

Sorry you got hurt, & hope it's all healing up well now!