Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Last week my son Brian told me that he finally figured out what he wanted me to buy him with the money I promised him for his birthday. That was ON April 26th. He said that he was going sky diving in two hours and wanted me to pay for it.


Believe me, this was the last thing I imagined he'd say to me that morning. The last thing I imagined he would ask me to buy him with his birthday money. I swallowed hard and thought, presents are all about getting things we want and things we wish we had. He wanted to go sky diving didn't he, so, against my better judgment, I said yes.

Did you ever have the urge to go sky diving. The urge to jump out of an airplane when it's not even about to crash and you have to. Just doing it just for the fun of it? FUN? That's not my idea of fun. I do enjoy scuba diving and some say the same thing about that. But I don't really compare the two, because I can swim, but I sure as hell can't fly, no matter how hard I flap my arms.

He smiled, gave me a hug, told me they would be jumping at 1:30 and walked happily out the door, hopefully to return to me alive and in one piece. Here are some pictures from his big day.

Note: I know these pictures aren't of me, but he's half mine, so I'm counting it as an official HNT post.

Training over and it's time to get aboard the plane. The hot blond next to him was the other nut, I mean friend of his that was jumping too.

"Your turn Brian, ready"

Quote, "Ya, I fucking psyched!"

No turning back now.


"WOW, this is awesome!"


There he is, way up there.....

...and it's a long way down.

Here he come now!

He's almost down.

I can almost feel the ground.



FYI, as excited as he was when he landed, he puked his guts out a 1/2 hour later. LMAO!!!! But he can't wait to do it again.


Libby said...

oh my God, tony, that was the BEST birthday present you'll ever be able to give him! i LOVED the pictures!! you rock as a dad!!

BTExpress said...

Aw, that's sweet Libby. I'm just glad I'm able to help fulfill a dream or two. I remember so many great things my dad did for me and I want Brian to have similar memories of me when I'm no longer around.

cello mum said...

What a great present. You are truly an amazing father. I can't imagine willingly throwing myself from a plane (ok, some days I can, but they're not good days) but it looks like they had a fabulous time.

Lil Bit said...

Awesome shots! -- Yeah, I've been skydiving and I have the video to prove it! LOL
It DOES rock.
I didn't throw up afterwards, lol, but it took a few hours for me to hear right again. lol
(note to self or others interested in jumping: yawn or swallow several times on the way down, to pop the ears. lol)