Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Family Pool Party HNT

Once a year, Lori's brother's family comes to Long Island (FYI...that's the long island east of New York City that most people don't even know exists) once a year for a visit. One of the days they are here, they celebrate with something they call "Man Date". This year I hosted Man Date at my place.

I asked my assistant to make the drinks for the guests and heat up the grill for the chicken wings Lori marinated.

Lori has the BEST wing marinate ever!!!!

The grill was ready so I put the wings on.

Nice grill, huh?

While the wings cooked, I hung out with my assistant.

Then the rain moved in. Boy, did it rain and rain buckets and buckets.

Did the rain deter us?

HELL NO!!!!!

We were getting wet either way, so what the hell, go swimming.

I'd had enough of the water, be it rain or pool, so I made another drink and chatted from the steps.

I said I had enough of the rain didn't I?

Happy Man Date HNT!

Thanks for all of the encouraging words. Love you guys, a lot!

Next summer my back yard resort will be finished and you are all invited to my place for an HNT get together. Be there or be square!

Clothing optional of course.


gab said...

Yea looks like fun was had by all! My grill is just a bit smaller than yours, but I couldnt go for the super size like you did.Pool looks good. I will start saving all my change right now I wanna be there not square!

Anne Marie said...

SO why do they call it MAN DATE???

hamachi15 said...

That's some good looking yard! What a transformation your house has gone through!

BTExpress said...

Gab - I got a great deal on the grill that I couldn't refuse, 50% off!

Anne Marie - Last year the "men folk" of Lori's family left the women at home and went for burgers. So they called it Man Date. This year, as you can see, Man Date if no long stag, but drag, so they may have to rethink the name.

Hamachi - More of a change than you you see here. I came home from my trip today to find the sod was laid and so was the mulch, plus more. I couldn't be happier.

marcellonyc said...

Thanks for the concern. I am good. Had a problem with the company that was hosting my site and I have been overly busy. Looking for a location in Chelsea to open a second office.

Backyard is looking great and the party looked fun.

HNT party next year, I'm there. I may be heading to the Pines 2 weeks from now, I will keep you posted.

BTExpress said...

Marcello - Second office, that's great! I love the way my "resort" is turning out. I couldn't be happier.

When you come out my way, I hope you can take a few minute to stop by and say hello. Would love to meet you.

cello mum said...

That is one sweet grill and I must admit I covet your pool. We live near the ocean, but it is damn cold most of the time and besides swimming is more fun in the privacy of your own yard :)

SIMPLY ME said...

I love your assistant! Happy HNT

BTExpress said...

Cello Mum - So next summer come to my pool party. You're all welcome.

BTExpress said...

Lori, you better, she's your future daughter in law. LOL

Osbasso said...

I'm not sure if I have anymore shirts tacky enough to be allowed inside the gate...

I'm thinking you need to set a firm date for this thing.

Libby said...

that is an awesome backyard & pool!! is there gonna be a cover charge for the party next year?? lol!

Lil Bit said...

That is one fine damn rocking mack-daddy GRILL, damn!