Monday, June 29, 2009

Want Olivia Munn's Autograph For Your Playboy?

Olivia Munn Playboy Cover Unveiling Behind-The-Scenes PhotosSo you've got your issue of Playboy featuring our co-host, Olivia Munn. Feel like something's missing in the picture? Perhaps her autograph?

You're in luck! If you want Ms. Munn to sign your copy of her Playboy issue, it's as easy as sending the magazine with a self-addressed and stamped envelope to:

Olivia’s Autograph
5850 W. 3rd St. #155
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Olivia will be signing the issues mailed to that address, so send yours in before it's too late!


Not only is Olivia Munn hot, sexy and funny as hell, but she's also very generous, as this post shows you. She is also very friendly to her fans. A few months ago she invited anyone in the NY City area, to meet her at a particular movie theater and treated everyone that showed to popcorn and bottled water. After the movie she had a meet and greet, took pictures with anyone and everyone and signed autographs. You can bet no other celebrity has ever done that.

Oh ya, if your wondering who she is, she is co-host of The Attack of the Show. You can also check her out on her blog.

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Lil Bit said...

So, I take it, yours is autographed and framed by now? ;)