Monday, February 02, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

I posted this on Facebook and thought I'd share more useless facts about me with you too.


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1. I’ve been the oldest person in my groups of friends for as long as I can remember.
2. I hate going to the dentist and have been putting it off WAY too long. When I finally do go, the work is going to cost a bloody fortune.
3. I chew my fingernails.
4. I enjoy cooking, but hate cleaning up. Sometimes I go for days with a sink of dirty dishes.
5. I hate unloading the dishwasher. That’s probably why I have a sink full of dirty dishes.
6. I don’t like anything sweet. No candy, no donuts, no desert, nothing.
7. With almost no exceptions. I had one piece of Twizzlers last night. They remind me of my teen years. I used to get them every time I went to the movies. Same thing with the chocolate covered cherry I had two weeks ago.
8. I didn’t go to my high school prom because I was too shy to ask anyone.
9. That’s probably why I’ve only dated six women in my life.
10. The first four for less than six months.
11. The fifth I was married to for 34 years until she died in 2005.
12. The sixth one I’ve been dating for almost three years. HI LORI!!!!
13. I was drafted into the army in 1968 and when I got out two years later, I held the rank of Specialist E-5. You can read about part of my army life in “My Vietnam Story” blog.
14. I’m trying to write a book about army years and have written a lot more than what is on the blog, but procrastination gets the best of me. I’m up to 43,905 words, so have made good progress.
15. I am a life member of both the Disabled American Veterans and the Veterans of Foreign Wars.
16. I retired on February 10, 2006 and love doing next to nothing.
17. No, I’m not bored. I spend tons of time with my Internet friends. Truthfully, they are some of the best friends I’ve ever had.
18. I met my best real-life friends now, in a Yahoo chat room. She had a little get together one afternoon for local members. I didn’t have anything better to do, so went.
19. Her and her husband and have been one of Lori and my best friends ever since.
20. I usually get along better with women than men. When I was boating, the wives of our group of friends voted me as an Honorary Woman. They told me that I understood them better than their husbands did. They also knew that I would keep their secrets, so was privy to many very interesting stories.
21. I loved those years of boating and had a ball! I miss it. Maybe some day I buy another boat.
22. My Internet handle, BTExpress, was the name of my boat.
23. I the over ten years I owned it, I never got around to putting her name on the transom.
24. I’m a procrastinator, but maybe you already figured that out.
25. Last but certainly not least. I spend almost all day, everyday, in just my bathrobe and socks. Gotta wear socks! That’s a lot more comfortable than wearing clothes.

I’m not tagging anyone.


Libby said...

tony, thanks! i knew a lot of it, but you know me, i always want to know more about everybody!!

Anne Marie said...

OOHHHH I love 18 and 19!!! ;-}
Hey BFF you neglected to tell me you are on facebook!!! I need to go look you up now I love facebook!
See you there!! Speaking of real life it has been way too long since we have seen each other!!

S said...

Whew! I am glad you didnt tag.

Have a great day, T.

gab said...

Ive been tagged by my daughter on facebook...glad you gave me instructions on how to do it that why I havent posted it yet. You know Tony every new thing I read about you gives me more insite to you as a person. I enjoy getting to know you even if only online. One of my 25 will be that I hope to get to travel and meet some of my internet friends. I hope you and Lori will be on that list.

Monogram Queen said...

Very interesting although I did NOT know you were on Facebook! I'll have to add you.. if I can remember. I"m a procrastinator too - with a BAD memory!

Monogram Queen said...

Very interesting although I did NOT know you were on Facebook! I'll have to add you.. if I can remember. I"m a procrastinator too - with a BAD memory!

Lil Bit said...

#6. You reeeeeeeeeeally should give a Krispy Kreme a try! ;)

I'm thinking you need another boat, too -- what better way to enjoy your retirement?

Enjoyed reading these random lil facts about you --- fun! =)