Wednesday, February 11, 2009

BP Update HNT

Note: See my last post if you want to know what this is all about.

I saw the cardiologist today. He checked me out and asked me a bunch of questions. Among them......

"Have you changed the way you take your meds lately?" No.

"Have you gained weight?" He read my chart and answered first, No.

"Have you increased your salt in take?" BINGO!!!!!!

Guess those cheeseburgers and fries might explain it? I've gotten very lazy and have been ordering take out or going out for 99% of my dinners. I almost never cook anymore.

He frowned........

I asked, "You mean that could trigger it?" Yes.

He told me, "Cut back on your salt intake, back to the way you were doing it when your BP was 116/68."

Meaning, stop eating take out and watch closer what you eat.

"If that doesn't work, increase the dosages of one of your meds."

"Also, your taking a cholesterol lowering drug, but eating burgers and fries, not good."

"Your cholesterol has improved significantly, but if you keep this up, it will go back up."

Meaning that if I don't watch what I eat, my arteries will get even more clogged and I will die. I added the die part, but that's what it means.

You and me both don't want that to happen, so tonight I got back on track with cooking rice & beans. It's a start back to a healthy life style. It would be a shame if this picture was to be no more.


Ashly Star said...

Yes, it would be a shame if that picture were to be no more. Sad indeed.

Here's to you getting back on the right track!

Mariposa said...

Hope you get back on the right track soon...just little sacrifices every now and then...

Hope for all the best for you!

Happy HNT

Tamara said...

I can't talk to you about eating healthier when I'm I'm guilty of the same.
Are you taking a multi-vitamin?

BTExpress said...

Yes, multi-vitamin, daily 81mg aspirin, cholesterol pills, BP pills and one that controls my heart rate.

Libby said...

tony, please, please, please make sure you start eating right?? lori & all of us do NOT want to lose you!! you've made it through so much in your life that hasn't been your fault, it would be a terrible waste to lose it all to something you CAN control! plus, think of brian...i know he's a "big boy" now, but he does not need to lose you too!

BTExpress said...

Thanks Libby, I will. Last night I cooked one of Brian and my favorites; brown rice, beans & ground buffalo chopped meat. I added some picanti sauce and spices. It very tasty and easy to make. Had corn on the cob too.

Monogram Queen said...

You are absolutely right! You are such a great cook - get after it boy! Gotta take care of you for us that care about you!

TUG said... need to take care of yourself. We need you around to make us laugh.

Tamara said...

Checkin back in on ya!