Thursday, February 26, 2009


Lori and I flew to Detroit this week so I could look into a few things for my mom. We are staying in a two room suite in the "haunted" Doubletree Suites Hotel downtown. They have only been open two months and tonight was a pleasant surprise, it was the hotel's grand opening after and extensive remodeling. They had four hours of free food and free booze, all we could consume and for guests like us, it was FREE!!!!!!!!!!!. I don't know about Lori, but my favorite room was the Motown theme room.

Lets see if you can figure out why.

The four hours flew by too fast and soon it was time to retire to our suite for a hot bath.

Nobody said the party had to end!



Ashly Star said...

Hehe. Y'all are cute. Looks like fun too!

Happy late HNT!

Tamara said...

How awesome!!
I'm totally jealous! I wanna go somewhere
Anywhere but Texas sounds fun to me.
You look like you had a blast!How cool!

TUG said...

What great luck!!! Nothing beats free food and booze. women??? :)

Monogram Queen said...

I love the balloons in the tub!