Thursday, January 29, 2009

Gourmet HNT

Saturday night Lori and I went to dinner in a seafood restaurant next to the aquarium Lori works at. We used to go there almost every weekend, but we haven't been there for at least a year. It was good to go back. The food is good and inexpensive. After dinner we met Jeannie, a coworker of Lori's and Jeannie's friends for drinks. It was a going away thing for her, because she's moving to Boston.

Sunday I took Lori out to a fancy schmancy wine tasting dinner at a local seafood restaurant, The Cull House. I got an email from them advertising the dinner. I never heard of any of the food or the wines, but after reading about the chef, I figured it had to be good. According to the restaurant web site, Chef Bill (WTF? Chef Bill? Chef William would sound better.)

Chef Bill attended a culinary program here on Long Island for 2 years, then continued his culinary education in Paris at the John Ferrendie Culinary Institute. Then he traveled all over the USA, with stops in Dallas, Texas; the Sheraton of Clearwater, Florida; Boston, Massachusetts; Washington, DC. Executive Sous Chef. Washington: Georgetown on M street, the now-defunct The Three Faces under a 3-star Swiss chef; Manhattan: La Riserve, in Rockefeller Center Uptown: The Terrace Restaurant near Columbia university.

How a chef with that back ground found his way to a small hole in the wall seafood restaurant in my small town, is beyond me, but I'm glad he did. His five course dinner was 5-Stars! Here's what he prepared and all for just $44.99 p/p.

The Cull House "Country French Wine Dinner"

It started with wine for the first course and they didn't stop pouring until dessert was finished.

· Country Pate with Frisee Salad and Honey Vinaigrette
- Anselmi Soave 2007, San Vincenzo, Italy

· Potato and Goat Cheese Galette Garnished with Olives, Basil and Sundried tomatoes
- Domaine de Nizas Rose 2007, Languedoc, France

· Roasted Sea Bream with Juniper Berry Sauce
- JJ Vincent "JJ" Borgogne Blanc 2006, Burgundy, France

· Duck and Beef Cassoulet
- Segu Carmenere 2006, Maule Valley, Chile

· Dessert: Basque Custard Tart
- Marquis de la Tour Brut NV Champagne, France

While we were there, we saw a flier for a lobster dinner special. I couldn't resist that deal, so we went back Tuesday for dinner.

Complete(lobster) Madness!

Twin 1 1/4 lb lobsters with vegetable and potato, just $19.95!

One 1 1/4 lb lobsters with vegetable and potato, just $9.95!

Of course we both ordered the twin lobsters. It came with a baked potato and spinach souffle. Dinner was also first rate and the entertainment even better. Lori and I were seated in a room with just one other couple. We didn't pay much attention to them, but the fun started when they began bickering. Their voices were raised, so we couldn't help over hearing them. It all began over the weather. The man thought February has the worst and the woman thought it was January.

He said, "Why do you always disagree with me about everything? You don't know what your talking about, February weather is the worst!"

That started it. We couldn't really hear what she was saying, because she just mumbled, but he was pissed. He kept going on and on and neither of them would let it go.

When their dinner arrived. He dug into the twin lobsters, but she just sat there refusing to eat her shrimp dinner.

"What's the matter now? Aren't you going to eat?"

She shook her head no.

" WTF is your problem? I was in a good mood when we got here, but now you've ruined my birthday."

Not to be deterred from his lobster dinner, he took his sweet ass time eating while she sat there staring out the window. Neither of them spoke to each other again. As soon as he was finished eating, he went into the other room looking for his waitress. The owner saw him and quickly rushed into the room with his check. He paid and they quickly left.

When we were done eating our waitress came into the room and commented about the other couple. She said they could hear them arguing in the other room, but she didn't know it started, so we told her. Like us, she couldn't believe why.


Psssssst........ did you notice Lori's see through moment? Hehehehehe


Mariposa said...

You are making me hungry!!!

Looks like you had a great time...

HappyHNT to both of you...

BTExpress said...

It was another fun filled few days. Today we got a snow storm. Lori played hooky from work, so it got even better. ;-)

Dana said...

Great food - great friends - GREAT time! Now my mouth is watering!

Ashly Star said...

Sounds delicious. Now I'm damn hungry. Actually I was already hungry but reading all that and looking at the pictures didn't much help. =D

Oh and... you and Lori are so damn cute together! It makes me smile.

Happy HNT!

Monogram Queen said...

I'll take the lobster dinner but I think the other may be a bit too "rich" for my peasant tastes! Ha! Happy HHNT and that couple are idiots. Why act like that at all - much less in public?!

Libby said...

...yeah, but you never know...the other couple might've been the 'paid entertainment'!

Q said...

I have no idea what most of that food is, but I'm glad ya'll enjoyed it!

gab said...

wow that looks fantastic! Too bad about the couple fighting, unfortunally Mr Gab and I have done the same thing. But we have long ago stopped that(it was when we were first married)

S said...

Oh, I'll bet you just wanted to stuff those lobsters where the sun dont shine because they made you listen to them argue.
Women can be such bitches sometime.

I am on my way to India next week, so stay tuned for my adventures!

Kittie Kate said...

That couple sucks. They need to learn to fight at home.

I never spent that much for a meal. I'm more a steak girl. I just think seafood is ok.