Friday, December 05, 2008

My Vacation Starts Tomorrow!

Okay, I know I'm always on vacation, but tomorrow Lori and I fly to Las Vegas. We are staying at a hotel right on the center of the Strip. It will be eight days and seven nights of debauchery and partying!!!! This time we are going to be checking out some of the shows with nudity. Last year we wanted to see a one with vampires, but it was too late to get decent seats.

I finally got my building permit today. The construction has to wait until early January. The project should take about three weeks. I want to be here when they start the work, so next week is out. They close for the Christmas & New year Holiday, to that brings us to early January.Hey, I waited this long so another month isn't important.

My son bought a pickup truck today. It's a 2006 Ford F150. His car was on it's way out and he wanted a truck to haul around his ATV, so now was a good time. He got a good deal, because it's a buyer's market right now. I looked around for loan rates for him and saw that my credit union had the best rates. Some banks aren't even loaning money for used cars. The car dealer couldn't even get him a better rate. His credit is good, he makes around $65k/year and has minimal bills, since he lives with me. I told him I wasn't cosigning this time, but that wasn't even necessary to ask. He got the money on his own merit.

That's about it for now. Have a great weekend y'all!



TUG said...

Say hi to the girls for me! I'm talking about Shi and Tara...not the ones at the shows :) But I do expect pictures

Libby said...

hey, tony, you & lori have the best time EVER in vegas!! are you two gonna do the drive-thru wedding thing??

Monogram Queen said...

Wow I definitely want the scoop on the vampire show!!!! Have fun Tony & Lori!

Way to Go Brian! *sniffle* your baby boy is growing up!

Evening said...

Remember, the "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" doesn't apply to us. I want all the details when you get back.
Hope you are having a wonderful trip.

Ashly Star said...

Aww yay! I hope y'all have had and are still having a good time. :)