Thursday, December 04, 2008

I might be on TV HNT

I have a My Space account. Today I received a comment from Diana Stonitsch, she has a TV show in Joliette Illinois. She was asking me to be on her TV show.

I really enjoyed reading your blogs. Perhaps you will come on my show sometime? I think my viewers would really like to hear some of your stories, especially the one about puff the magic dragon. I can really relate to that one.

Be Well,



WTF! I'm as shocked as you are. Me on TV? You got to be shitting me!

Oh, by the way, the "Puff the Magic Dragon" story refers to the story I wrote about one night in Vietnam where we smoked pot, drank Sctoch & grape soda and were alerted to the certainy of being attacked by 10,000 NVA soldiers sometime that night. Since we were just a company of a few hundred or so, I was certain we would all die.

It's a not-so-long story, so I'd better start from the beginning. One of my My Space friends is Adrianne Curry, the wife of Christopher Knight. Christopher played Peter Brady on the Brady Bunch. Adirane is a Playboy cover model and a celebrity in her own right. I've been posting comments on Adrianne's My Space page pretty regularly. She a really cool, a down to earth girl and very interesting.

I made a comment on Adrianne's blog one day disputing several other commenter's posts about their lack of faith in God. I believe in God very strongly. He has helped my family and I through some very difficult times. There is also that out of body experience I had when I was wounded. I felt I owed it to Him to dispute the doubter's lack of faith, but from my perspective. I won't critisise those who lack faith, as it's their choice. I just wanted to explain some of the reasons why I believed in God. My comment touched a cord with several people, including Adriane's mother, so they replied. I've been exchanging messages and emails from all of them since that day.

I might really be on TV. How cool is that? I think it's even cooler that I've made new friends just because of a few words. :-)

Oh ya, it's HNT, so I guess I better post a picture. Since this was all brought about because of my tour in Vietnam, it's only appropriate that I post a picture from the old days. Here's a picture of my father Stoney, my stepmother Ruth and me in St. Albans Naval hospital in Queens, New York just a few days after my return from the hospital in Japan. I weighed a massive 112 lbs.



SIMPLY ME said...

Hell Yea baby, You're gonna be FAMOUS! Happy HNT and love the pic.

bookbinder said...

Famous? Not likely, but maybe I'll get my 15 minutes of fame.

TUG said...

And I thought I was a scrawny bastard!! :) Famous, eh...I think you're already imfamous!! That's pretty cool!

Evening said...

Awesome!! That would be very cool.

Oh my, you were so thin. But I am so glad you came back.


Osbasso said...

For God's sake, be sure to mention HNT!!! Think you can get it YouTube'd?

Cool post.

Ashly Star said...

You DO have some interesting stories!

You on TV huh? I can see it. You've got that charisma. ;)

You were SO skinny! Hehe.

Happy HNT!

Monogram Queen said...

That is so cool, you were such a cutie even at 112 lbs!

Libby said...

that'll be SO COOL if you do the tv thing!!

lime said...

btw, you'll let us all know when to tune in if you're on, right?

lime said...

wow, how cool is that? and boy you sure look like your dad!