Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Tree HNT

Os says we had to post a picture of ourselves with our Christmas tree this week. Since Lori and I spent last week in Las Vegas, "FUCKING LAS VEGAS BABY!!!!", I haven't put up a Christmas tree yet. You'll just have to accept the next best thing, me next to the Christmas tree in the Harley Davidson Cafe on the Strip.

For the half nekkid part, here's a shot Lori took of me in the shower at the hotel. Be warned, it's of my naked ass. Did you expect anything less from her?

Merry Half Nekkid Christmas Ya'll!

Lori is up again this week, so make sure you stop by to see her tree.

Check out the previous few posts for a little bit about about our Vegas trip.

Then stop by Os' blog and say hi. Tell him I sent you!


SIMPLY ME said...

I do love that ass! Next year, let's pose it by your tree, k? Happy HNT baby! ( is it next year yet?)

marcellonyc said...

You guys are such a great couple.

hApPy hAlF-nEkKiD hOlidaYs!

Merry Xmas, I'm praying for a white one!

Osbasso said...

Even with a warning, I still come to look... Hope you had fun with Tara. I miss her!

TUG said...

Yeah, I couldn't stop myself either. Hey...we both showed our asses! Only mine is a bit more hidden in the shadows

Mariposa said...

Love both trees! ;)

Happy HNT...

Ashly Star said...

That is a BIG ass tree, lol.

Happy HNT!

Monogram Queen said...

LMAO oh lordy lord you two are always so much fun!

Anne Marie said...

Love the picture of you with the tree!! Now the other one!!! Not so much!!! Sorry!!But I do love you guys!!! It has been way too long since we have seen each other!! My Birthday was not the same with out friends!!!

Tara Tainton said...

God.. .I love men's asses!! Here's a big smooch for yours!!



Lil Bit said...

Oh yayyy!, by the xmas tree in the hawg shop in Vegas... now ya can't get much cooler than that!!

Happy 2nd Belated HNT, lol! =)

A bunch of us posted asses, huh? Asses all around, I say! lol ;)