Monday, December 15, 2008


It was fun while it lasted, our vacation in Las Vegas that is. Last November was our first trip there, but that was only for four days, so didn't get to do very much. This time we went for eight days and did A LOT more, we still didn't have enough time to see all that we wanted to see. Here's a brief (LMAO, brief?) run down of what we did this year.


Flew in to Vegas, had dinner with Tara and her brother in Pampas Brazilian Grill, walked around the Miracle Mile mall in Planet Hollywood and bought more tonic (we had drinks before we went to dinner). Tara gave us one of her "adult" DVDs as a gift. :-)


Lunch/breakfast (we are late sleepers) at Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville, toured numerous casinos including Caesar's Palace and Paris, dinner at Harley Davidson Restaurant. Walked a million miles that day.

Slept in, drove up and down the Strip, bought gin & tonic (drink a lot in Vegas, often and earlier than when home), toured the Sahara, had dinner there too.

Note: This place is certain to be closed very soon. There were only, maybe, six couples eating in the restaurant and very few people gambling.

THE HELICOPTER TRIP TO THE GRAND CANYON!!!! Need I say more? If you ever have a chance to take a helicopter trip there, DO IT! Spend your rent money on it if you have to, but DO IT!

We went to the Hawaiian Tropic Zone for lunch. Half naked waitresses in bikinis was worth the EXPENSIVE tab.

Saw the show FANTASY that night. Topless chicks dancing, need I say more?

Lunch at 'MORE" in the Luxor ( pastrami sandwiches and I drank Fat Tire ale), saw various naked boy parts on a wall, toured the aquarium with the walk through tunnel (very cool!)

On the way out, we stumbled upon a bar with Bert & Keith playing music and singing. We closed that place. They were really good, until they took a 1/2 hour break. A few minutes my ass! But we were entertained by the couple tyhat had a fight. He stormed out, threw his beer bottle again a store window and knocked over a sign. As Bert said, "Not to worry, he will be arressted". LOL My ass, he was seen later talking to the guy that tried to steal his chick.

Fell asleep at 4AM, 7AM my time.

Slept late (we did that everyday except Tuesday), ate 7-11 egg sandwiches we bought the night before, toured New York, New York so Lori could take pictures of the Statue of Liberty replica they have (that statute seems to freek out Lori and her brother, so they torment each other with pictures of it at every opportunity), had lunch at some place in NEW York, New York I forget, headed over to MGM Grand to catch the lion exhibit and tour that place. We ate there but I forget where, but do know we ate, among other things, chicken wings.

Note: I case your wondering why I forgot a few details, I drank alot while in Vegas. I'm also ols (60) so that may explain it too.

We also went over to the Monte Carlo to look around. On our way out we heard some music and discovered the "Sin City Heat". They were two guitar players, a drummer and scantally clad hot babes. Do I have to say more? No fights this time, but we did close the place and didn't get to bed until 4am, 7am my time. :-)

We walked along the Strip for a bit then went to Paris for a ride to the top of their 1/2 size replica of the Eiffle Tower. Awesome view! Walked around somemore, then had dinner at the Harly Davidson Cafe again. Good food for a good price. Remember that if your in Vegas.

Then it was back to the room to pack. Took us and hour at least. Very depressing time packing to go home from vacation. But things were soon to pick up.

Tonight we met Tara and her brother at the Stratosphere and saw a show called "Bite". Topless vampire chicks. Need I say more. After the show they held a "meet-and-greet" with the stars. Vampire chicks in bras close up, need I say more? I bought the $38 package and got all the vampire chicks to sign things. The best comment was from the girl in the calender that had her picture taken with her in the shower. She signed it "Want to join me?" Then love something. I think she wanted me.

SHUT UP! She wanted me and leave it at that!

Up at 8am and the flight back to COLD, ever so COLD New York. It was 25 fucking degrees when we landed. But I was a gentleman and let Lori wait in thge terminal while I got the car. I even had it warmed up by the time she got in it. Yes, I know, I'm the bestest boy friend ever.

Lori made me breakfast in bed as a sort of thank you for taking her on her bestest week long vacation ever. Yes, I know, I'm the bestest boy friend ever. m Just ask Lori if you want proof.

That's enough for now, but pictures to follow. We took 1,004 pictures and have to show them to someone, so it might as well be you guys.


Barbara said...

WOW...I am jealous. You two had a fab time! Is Tara a porn star? You really know how to party!

bookbinder said...

Yes, Tara is a porn star in the amateur sense. She produces her own porn, sells them and has a page in the July 2008 Hustler.

Truthfully, I don't really think of her like that. I think of her as a good friend.

I do have four of her DVDs, so I have to admit, I do have naughty thoughts about her from time to time. ;-)

Monogram Queen said...

I am so glad you had a good time! If anyone deserves it than it is you two. I love how you sieze life and enjoy it as it is meant to be!

David said...

So glad you had a great time. I look forward to the photos....cuz...well.. I know what you take pictures of... heh heh heh

Libby said...

sounds like you two had 'the bestest vacation ever'! you two ALWAYS have the bestest anything ever!! lol! i love it! so happy you found each other!!

Lil Bit said...

Wow, that was some play-by-play!
Soooo glad you guys had such an exciting excursion together, most deserved! =)