Saturday, December 20, 2008

Las Vegas Pictures - Part 1

Saturday, December 6th, Lori and I flew to Las Vegas for a weeks vacation. We flew from Long Island to Baltimore and then non stop to Las Vegas. The room was nice, but I liked the one at the Hilton last year better.

The view was better too. The view last year we had a view of part of the Strip. This year it's of a 50 story condo under construction across the street at Plant Hollywood.

We made arrangements to go to dinner with Tara Tainton and her brother and to meet in our room about 6:00. We had a couple of drinks and Tara gave Lori and I a gift and what a gift it was. One of her own personal naughty videos specially autographed. Lori brought three others of Tara's dvds along and Tara autographed them for us too.

We walked across the street to Planet Hollywood's "Miracle Mile Mall" for dinner. They have about 15 restaurants, so we figured that was as good a place as any to find something we all could agree on to eat. We walked around for awhile then settled on a Brazilian restaurant, Pampas Churrascaria. What a place! Great drinks, great food and great food. Did I mention the great food?

We all decided on the "Meat Special". No, they didn't call it that, but I am. It was an endless supply of various meats on skewers hand carved by numerous staff for as long as you could eat it. I've never eaten so much meat at one sitting in my entire life. It also came with a, uh, uh, salad bar? No, that would be an under statement. Of course there was salad, but there was so much more and too much to even list. We all loved the fried bananas.

The meat never stopped.

"Of course Tara, you can taste my." So I let her taste it.

That was HOT!

But the food isn't cheap in Las Vegas, but I figured it we were on vacation, so the price be damned. We ate and drank all hours of the day and night to abandon!!!!!

We all said good night and went our separate ways with plans to meet again later in the week.


TUG said...

Lucky you...getting some personal time with Tara. I should have had her sign my underwear I got last year! But that might have been hard to explain :)

Brazilian restaurants rock!! They are always a fun experience and you can never eat it all. But it's fun trying!

That is a pretty hefty bill. I actually always thought food was cheap in Vegas. I guess it is when you're cheap like me and just go to the buffets.

Can't wait for more!

gab said...

Lucky you and Lori.And I hear another blooger went to vegas as well for her birthday. And here I sit freezing my body! ah well. Hope you had tons of fun

Libby said...

merry christmas, you two~!!

Kittie Kate said...

You're lucky to have met her. I have the Hustler with her and she seems like a nice lady. :)

Looks like real food. I love food. Yummy!

Tara Tainton said...

And what fun we had... I really, REALLY loved tasting your meat, BT!! xoxo!

Lil Bit said...

Wow, meat-eating with the legend in Sin City... good for you, sweetie! =D

Monogram Queen said...

Yum the food looks great and I know you loved the company *wink*

Samantha Alice said...

Dayumn. Dinner was cheaper when I lived in Vegas, even when we ate at the fancy restaurant in Caesar's Palace.

Of course, that was a long, long time ago, I wouldn't even recognize the Strip anymore.


Merry Christmas!