Saturday, July 12, 2008


You know, this Freecycle thing is a great idea. Today I gave away a wireless router, my old swimming pool solar cover reel and a briefcase. Next week I'm giving away some golf clubs and a bag. That sure is a lot better than them going to the landfill, which was the reason for them starting Freecycle.

The girl that wanted the briefcase just left. I asked her if it was for her. She told me no, that it was for her boy friend, because he's starting school (my guess is college). Small world, because in 1974 my wife Barbara bought that briefcase for me when I went to school in New York City. Makes me feel good to recycle it to someone else going to school. It's still in great shape and looks almost new. I wonder if it will be around for another 34 years?

Why don't you check out your local Freecycle and join the cause?


Summer said...

I'm a member of my local freecycle. So far, I haven't had anything to give away or get from someone. But, it's such a great idea. It amazes me some of the things that people put up for grabs on there.

TUG said...

I keep forgetting to check this out. I've been doing the craigslist thing to get rid of things and donating other things. Thanks for the reminder!

Janet said...

We freecycled our portable spa and, get this, pumpkins left over from Halloween.

S said...

That so awesome! I want to give away a loom...needs parts but someone is going to want it!

I am going to check it out right now.
Sorry I havent been around....busy busy!
Take care.

Monogram Queen said...

That is a great story. I did join Freecycle after your last post on it. It's great!