Monday, July 14, 2008

Another naughty night

Last week Lori and I went out for the "all you can eat snow crab legs". The food was great as always. Just before we left, Lori went to the potty through the bar and when she came back, she told me that the barmaid was really cute, had great legs and I should check her out.

Don't ya wish you had a girlfriend a lot like mine..........

Lori and I have a deal that we point out hot chicks for eat other, so that was cool.

I paid the check and then we walked into the bar to check out the barmaid. Sure enough, she was cute, IMO, hot actually, and had great legs, so we decided to stay. Actually I told her I wanted to stay and she readily agreed.

We started to sit down at the bar when this girl warned us about some wet seats. It seems that condensation was dripping from the overhead AC vents and dripping on some of the bar stools. Lori sat next to the girl and I sat next to Lori. This was my suggestion, because I knew Lori would strike up a conversation with her.

BTW, she had perky boobs, which I can attest to later.

FYI: To make a long story even longer, I will continue. Stick around, because this story gets a whole lot better and very naughty.

As I predicted, Lori and the girl strike up a conversation. Of course I joined in and so did her boyfriend, the girls friend and her boyfriend. We all were getting along very well. The couple were playing Wii bowling with this other guy. Time passes and the other guy taps me on the shoulder, says my name and introduces himself. He was John from the tee ball team I coached when my son was five, 21 years ago. He told me his best memory was the day we took him and a bunch of Brian's friend over to Fire Island on my boat when they were nine. Needless to say, I was touched that he recognized me and that those times left him with fond memories.

FYI: Now the good part starts.

Everyone is drinking, laughing, playing Wii bowling and having a general good time.

It was the barmaids birthday, so she decorated the bar with Marti Gras beads, which of course, everyone was wearing. Then I got this great idea to remind everyone that to get the beads, you had to flash your boobs. I flashed mine to get things started and got some beads. The girl Lori was talking too flashed her sexy black bra, so I gave her some of my beads.

FYI: She had very nice tits. I'd say a D cups.

Lori asks the girl if she has any tattoos and she proceeds to show us all of them. I'm sure how many exactly, but there was the one on her boob, the tramp stamp which flashed a good portion of her butt cleavage, one one her back which brought her shirt down revealing nice stuff and best one very low on her abdomen and very nearly exposing her most naughty bit. Come to think of it, I think we did see a bit of it.

Sorry, no pictures of those. We were too busy checking her out.

Next thing I know she drops her jeans and flashes her ass.

No, that's not my hand, it's Lori's.


It's really the boyfriend's hand, but Lori and I wished it was our hands grabbing her ass.

Then she shows us how limber she is, sit on the floor and raises her feet up over her head.

Here's a video that Lori took that night. Actually she took most of the pictures, because I've learned that she can get away with taking naughty pictures of hot chicks, where as I might get my ass kicked by the boyfriends and husbands for being a perv.

Life is good!

Don't ya wish you had a girlfriend a lot like mine..........


Libby said...

good job, joe & lynne! & good camera work...that place looks like a lotta fun!!

Lil Bit said...

What fun you 2 are!!

Great story, thx for sharing... and btw, that's some SERIOUS bush whacking down on your HNT. LOL ;)

Monogram Queen said...

Lots of naughty fun!!!

Um I know that girls boyfriend was not wearing THONG underwear?!

Please say it isn't so!

TUG said...

You're right, she does have nice legs!

Looks like it was a great time.

David said...

Great entry!

Samantha Alice said...

Funny, I was out with my DH, our OSO's and some other friends, and it was funny how we were all boob-spotting for each other.

It can be a lot of fun to share...

Irene said...

you guys remind me of a bunch of 16 year old kids - lolol. Everytime you are together your post should start, "What I did on my summer vacation..."