Monday, July 28, 2008

Another fun weekend

Friday night we went to the home of the aunt of Lori's son's girl friend for a birthday party for the son of the girl friend of Lori's son. If you didn't catch that, it was a birthday party for a three year old boy. We went there for their Christmas party last December.

There was a lot of good food, good beer and very nice people. I spent all but about 45 minutes talking with Sal, the family patriarch. As Lori put it to someone, "Once Sal came, I lost my boy friend". Man can that guy talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk..............

Sal is 69 years old and an army vet. He served during the period that the Berlin wall was erected. Since I served during the Vietnam era, we had a lot of things in common and to talk about.

I tried numerous times to sneak away from Sal, but there was no sneaking away. We did get along very well, but I would have liked to talk to some of the hot babes other people too. Maybe next time. Here's a picture of the birthday boy's extended family with Sal and I on the bottom right.

Saturday evening we went over to our friends place for a BBQ and to celebrate their daughters birthday one day late. The real party was the night before, but as you read, we had other obligations. There was great food (smoked ribs to die for) great booze and great friends. We love these people.

Sunday was our day of rest. We had sex and then sat in bed all day hanging out and lap topping. I cooked a dinner of ravioli and meatballs. It must have been good, because we ate the whole box of fresh ravioli from the pork store. Looks like I have this cooking thing down pretty well.

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Monogram Queen said...

Sounds like a good one! You did good keeping Sal entertained!
Mmmm pasta.... my fave. You make me weak in the knees with your cooking. I'm sure your SO has other (better) reasons to be weak in the knees though hehe.........