Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The SS BTExpress is no more

I finally sold my boat, so I'm sure it will have a new name very soon. I sold it for a lot less than I wanted to, but in this day and age, I was happy to just sell it. I know there are some things that have deteriorated and don't work while the boat has been in storage, but the man that bought it, is a home re modeler and used to build boats years ago, so that didn't scare him away. But it's a fiberglass boat that I took very good care of, so he can fix anything it needs. Since I gave him such a good deal, he has plenty of equity to make repairs.

I also gave him so much extra stuff I had for the boat. All stuff that was taking up room here, so I figured I just give it to him. He was very appreciative. His wife about wet her pants when I told her I had A LOT of stuff left from when I cleaned my basement and she was welcome to whatever she wanted. She almost filled her van she took so much. I was thrilled to give the stuff away. Either she took it, or I have to haul it to Goodwill.

Speaking of the price of gas, you think your gas is expensive? Just trying buying gas for a boat. It's up to $5.30 a gallon at marinas now. I think that was a major hold up on getting rid of the boat. The boat has two 150 gallon gas tanks, so it will take about $1,600 to fill it up. I filled the gas tanks before I put it in storage five years ago, so they should make it through the season before they have to put gas in it again. It burns about 25 gallons per hour and they make one short 15-20 minute trip each week, so that should work out fine, for now.

I'm sad to see the boat go, because we spent 10 very good years on that boat and it holds many good memories. But it makes it a lot easier selling it to the family I sold it to. They have three young kids, oldest is 13, and they had out grown their old 34 foot boat. This one is is 39 feet long and just what they were looking for. I'm certain they will get as much enjoyment out of the boat as we did. My son was about 13 when we got the boat, so I know.


gab said...

awww. It is sad to see something you enjoyed some much move on to anothers family but look at it this way those are good memories from the past and now you are making new memories. Good luck hun

Wenchy said...

You wrote this so beautifully

Monogram Queen said...

Wow that new family will enjoy that boat to the fullest!

The price of gas just makes my stomach hurt. It costs over $200 just to fill up the pontoon