Monday, June 23, 2008

Home Imporvement Project No. 6, 7, 8 or 14

I'm loosing track.

I decided my back yard deck isn't safe any longer. It's not like it's falling down or anything, but there are a few boards that are rotten and must be replaced. I don't want anyone to get hurt and sue my ass.
In addition, the rail road tie retaining wall around the swimming pool has a bunch of rotten rail road ties too. I'm not surprised, I put in the pool about 21 years ago. I replaced the deck once about ten years ago and some of the retaining wall around the same time. I guess it's time, huh. That's my next major project.

I'm also switching my heating system from fuel oil to natural gas in conjunction. (Did you know that 80% of the natural gas we use comes from North America? No more barrels of oil that cost more than diamonds per pound. No more frigging Arabs getting RICHER from our money.)

The gas service has been installed and now I'm waiting for the contractor to do the in home tear out and installation. Part of that project is installing a stainless steel chimney liner. Natural gas gives off a lot of moisture and will ruin my chimney if I don't install it. I'm also replacing my propane water heater with a natural gas water heater.

I decided to also install a swimming pool heater at the same time to extend the swimming pool season a couple of months. Like one month in the spring and one in the fall. The nights are cool, but the days are hot. I've never been able to use the pool then and I want too, so the pool heater.

Oh yea, I almost forgot. Remember that half bath vanity contractor that disappeared with my sink and $300 that the local department of consumer affairs tracked down and finally was able to find him and make him give me back my sink and my money?

My outside contractor (who is really a builder, but does outside stuff too) that is going to handle getting me the long needed vanity top for the half bath.

In case your curious, I found this builder/contractor through Lori. Lori's son is dating a girl he works with at the aquarium where Lori, Lori's son and the girl friend work. Lori's daughter worked there up until a month or so too.

Lori's son's girl friend's aunt is Lori's son and his girl friend's boss. The boss is the sister in law of the owner of the company that I'm using.

Or maybe his sister. Hell, I don't know, I'm confused.

Lori's daughter wanted to find a new job so Lori's son asked his girl friend's aunt, who is related to the owner of the company I'm using that's related to her is some frigging way and Lori's son and his girl friend's boos.

When I found out Lori's daughter worked for the builder, I asked Lori to ask her daughter if the owner of the company that I'm now using to do stuff around my pool and the vanity top in my half bath, ask if he did things like I'm, having him do now.

Well' Lori's daughter that used to work with her at the aquarium asked her boss if he had projects like the ones I'm having him do now. He said yes. I said "COOL! and asked her to ask her boss to send someone over to take a look at what I wanted them to do.

She said "YES" and asked him.

He said "YES".

She asked him and because I am so very, very, very, very special in so many ways and dating her mother, she asked him if he would come over himself and take a look at what I wanted done.

He said "YES" so he came.

Today we me, went over the design, tossed around a few more ideas that will cost me more money (it's only money right) and I gave him a deposit. This evening two guys came over to take final measurements for the formal plans for the town to approve so I can get the building permits and go over the landscaping I need ripped out and the new location for the swimming pool heater and stuff like that. Oh yea, they took a shit load of pictures too.

In short, the new project I've described very carefully to you, which I'm certain you understand my explanations completely, is that I'm gutting my back yard and starting from scratch. Any questions?


Sexy Duet said...

Once I read the word propane, I couldnt stop thinking about "King of the Hill" - it is the only place I have ever really heard the word, we dont use it here.

I have no idea who is doing your work, other than it has something to do with Lori and where she works, I couldnt follow who knew who and who asked who lol.

Being able to use the pool longer sounds like a great idea!


Anne Marie said...

Joseph if I did have any questions I dont think I want to be asking you to answer them!!! LMAO How confusing was that? I got the idea of what you are getting done but by who I have no friggin idea!! Just someone Lori knows!!
Have fun with the project and I hope Me, Bill and the girls will be invited to enjoy it when it is done!!!

bookbinder said...

I'm not sure why you guys are confused. I provided all the details. Lori never met the builder either. Wow, I guess I better clarify things.

Yes Anne Marie, of course you guys are always welcome, but leave the girls home on days the Nudist Rules are in effect, k?

Libby said...

ok, joseph, one question...were you so special that you rode the 'short bus' to school?

SignGurl said...

Huh? *shakes head to clear confusion*

Q said...

I just wanna know when I can come over & swim! Best of luck with all the projects :)

Q said...

"He said "YES" so he came."

I understood that sentence, but I think it took on a different meaning than originally intended. Giggle.

Q said...

I don't know, it's a pretty long walk from Texas...

Monogram Queen said...

You had me confused but I THINK I get the gist of it! Good luck on the cool renovations big guy!

Monogram Queen said...

Also i've backtracked and commented on every post FINALLY! :)

TUG said...

I'm so freaking confused after reading that. You made my brain hurt :) But congrats on making progress!

Lil Bit said...

*noggin' shake*



A complete gut & redo?
Wow - That's a MASSIVE project!
Keep us updated with pix, k?

Wenchy said...

I am confused!! (besides understanding you are redoing the backyard!