Friday, June 27, 2008

I Shit You Not!

Coming soon to a store near you........... I can't wait!!!!!!!!

Here is the actual product description provided by the manufacturer.

"Delicious and bump up struttin' energy drink that will pump up a brotha's ass right-pronto. This swill will crank yo' metabolism up skippin' right over jiggy to straight G-pimp level, word to your mutha. Brothas will be layin' down the 2-3 on the wiggy jig focusing the energy flow into cold-face benjamins that will fill yo' pimp pockets to burstin'. Damn straight! Booty Sweat will keep a brotha pitchin' straight game all night to the baby-dolls."

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Lil Bit said...


OMG, this sistah is gonna be on the DL look-out for THAT swill, no shittin'! lol

Right now I'm drinking the new gurana-ginseng enhanced berry-flavored Mtn. Dew.

Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. lol

TUG said...

Good lawrd, what will they come out with next?! Too funny.

Stealth said...

damnit, someone beat me to it. I was gonna bottle that and sell it. It's hot down here right now, I have plenty of booty sweat.


Hi :)

Libby said...

So, joseph...have you tried it, or don't you need it??

Monogram Queen said...

Oh dear god, that has GOT to be a parody! LMAO

manicmanicurist said...

hehe that is crazy! :)

Q said...


lime said...

the name of it sounds vile!

word veri..babwaxmn
babe waxman?

Shumpy said...

Actually it’s a reverse product placement. The Booty Sweat is a drink that will feature in an upcoming comedy Tropic Thunder. The same guys that made Duff energy drink (think Homer Simpson) will be making this (Boston American Corp).

So what’s the betting it tastes like ass… (ouch - someone had to say it).