Friday, June 20, 2008


When the opening of the bottle of hot sauce gets clogged, DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT blow into the opening to unclog it.

Take it from someone that knows me and use something like a tooth pick to dislodge the clog.

You know why?

I didn't think so.

Because if you blow in the bottle the hot sauce will inevitably blow back into your face and burn your lips and face.

That hurts like a MOFO!

The worse part is that there doesn't seem to be an antidote readily available to cool off the endless burning.

Just saying.

Have a nice weekend.

Edit: Libby says milk is an antidote. I'll remember that the next time.


S said...


S said...

Why anyone would ever blow into a bottle of hot sauce before covering face with saran wrap is beyond me!


Was that too harsh?

You have been a grumpy old fart lately and you had better cut it out.

Anne Marie said...

LMAO you didnt really do that did you Joseph!!! I hope you feel better now!!

Libby said...


Misses M said...

This story just brought back a repressed memory. When I was in third grade I was playing around with plants in my grandpa's greenhouse... I especially liked the pepper plants, except I didn't know they were HOT peppers. Later when I rubbed my hands on my face my skin burned for hours. Not fun times.

Libby said...

joseph--please, please, try not to let there BE a next time!!!

lime said...

i love ya, big guy but i have to say that was sort of bordering on a darwin award type of move. glad you survivied though.

gab said...

Yes Milk is suppose to do the trick Ive also heard that eating a plain piece of bread(no butter) will also help the burning. You just proved Im not the only one who does things like that!!!!

Monogram Queen said...

Glad to know the info from both YOU and Libby!

Do you see I am catching up here?

Lil Bit said...

LOL, not a prob for me... I don't eat hot sauce. lol