Thursday, June 12, 2008


I sold my boat, the BTExpress, this week. We had 10 great years on that boat. I think my most favorite times on the boat was the summers I put up my pool behind the boats. Everyone hanging out, eating and drinking to abandon. Great times!

We spent most weekends during the summer at the Watch Hill Marina on the Fire Island National Seashore. Once a year we'd take a trip with our friends on our boats. Usually it was out east to Shelter Island or the Montauk Yacht Club. One year we even went to Newport, Rhode Island.

This picture was taken by our friends Dan & Sue while we were cruising across the Peconic Bay here on Long Island and the way I prefer to remember her. Bye, bye BTExpress, I'll never forget you.

You can read the rest of the story in my last post, here.

Happy, Yet Sad, HNT!

HOLY CRAP! Even Lynn made an HNT post this week too. Check it out.


TUG said...

I clicked the pic but couldn't find you in there. Which one is you?

We had a boat when I was a kid during a short period when we had money. I have some great memories going out on it. I hope I can settle in one place and be able to get one in the future.

Hey, at least you got rid of more crap from the basement!


TUG said...

Hey! When did Lynn go private? I didn't realize it was a joint closing. Hook a brother up!

Anne Marie said...

Hey Joseph !!! I have tons of memories of when I was a kid and spent the summers on my families boat !!! What a blast we all had. My favorite was camping on Sand Island just near Captree bridge. Wish Bill and I would have been able to aford to buy your boat and the gas to run it. Well one day we will have a boat but the kids will all be grown by then. Keep up with the great work on the posts I love them !! I need to start my own when I figure all this stuff out on here.
Hugs and kisses
and Happy Fathers day

marcellonyc said...

Beautiful boat.

Sorry you had to sell it.


Vixen said...

That is a nice boat. I think I saw you! ;)

hamachi15 said...


Finally made it.


SIMPLY ME said...

I have good memories too, helping you clean it out and I've got the pic's to prove it!
Since you needed to sell it, I am happy for you. happy HNT

Ashly Star said...

That's a nice boat.Sorry you sold it but it's nice that you got so many years and good memories out of it. Happy HNT!

aughra said...

Hey! I'm here!

Anyway, I am happy for you, selling the boat. It's sort of a rebirth for you, and that's super.

S said...

Well i bet you still have the pool!

That boat looked like a lot of fun though!
Glad things are settling down for you two! XX

Misses M said...

I was your first and I don't get an invitation to read Lynn's blog? I feel so used! If you weren't so hilariously entertaining I would rethink our relationship, Joseph! ;)

Osbasso said...

I hadn't realized that you've had it in storage for 5 years. Definitely time to let it go. Thank God he invented memories!

David said...

So long to the boat. Happy Father's Day to you.

lime said...

sorry i am so late getting here. kind of a wistful post here. so glad the boat gave you so many years of happiness. hope she gives much joy to the new owners.

Monogram Queen said...

Ah good times.... good one can ever take your memories away!