Friday, December 29, 2006


Okay, I know you been busy and all.

What with Christmas and stuff....

......but did you have to ignore my post on the 27th?

I didn't get one comment.



How about making this old guy happy and checking out that post.

If you don't want to, send me pictures of boobs.

You all know how I love boobs!

Come to think of it,

Forget that post and just send me the boob pictures. :-)

Pictures of your other naughty bits are okay too.



jillie said...

Only boobs I have are the cheezey boobs...LMAO!!

You and Lori have yourselves a Happy Happy New Year and looks like the both of you had a great Christmas. Very pretty necklace Tony

Queen of Ass said...

LOL isn't Os already making that plea? Maybe you two should team up. Heh.

Anonymous said...

I tried to comment that day and couldnt get the thing to come up keep telling me could not display page refresh bla bla bla.