Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Update

Last year I wasn’t in the mood to celebrate Christmas, but this year was a different story. Hey, I even put up a tree. As you can see, I didn’t decorate it, but it’s still a Christmas tree in my book!

It’s one of those fiber optic trees. There’s a light in the base that shines through a rotating plastic disk and onto a bunch of plastic fibers. The fibers run up the tree and out to the ends of the branches. They constantly change colors. The best part is that the tree is completely assembled so all you have to do is stick it in the base and fold down the branches. Looks pretty cool.

Last weeks Lori was here from Wednesday evening until late Sunday afternoon. She still went to work on Thursday and Friday, but came here after work instead of going home. Wednesday night was here company Christmas party. She works at the Atlantis Marine World Aquarium in Riverhead. The aquarium is owned by two guys that also own other businesses and this year the owners decided to have one party for everyone, guests included. They said there were about 300 people at the party.

The party was spectacular as far as Christmas parties goes. There were four open bars, DJ’s, large buffet and a desert bar with chocolate fountains. The best part was the floor show, i.e., woman dirty dancing and acting very naughty. During the cocktail hour Lori pointed out the babes we should keep an eye on because they were know to be the naughtiest. They did not disappoint anyone. There was one young woman in particular that started off dirty dancing with her boyfriend, but when he disappeared for a little while, she didn’t stop. She began dancing very naughty with about anyone that would dance with her. No strangers, but guys and gals she knew. Her boyfriend didn’t appreciate it very much, but when the evening ended it looked like he forgave her and they left holding hands. Here's some pictures of the party.

Lori and I exchanged gifts on Christmas Eve. She had to get home to celebrate Christmas Eve with her children. When we woke up, Lori made some coffee and we sat in bed opening our gifts to each other.

Lori gave me a lot of nice things. The best present was tickets for a taping of Rachael Ray’s television show in January. That’s the paper I’m holding. Lori also found a photograph of Rachael from her FHM magazine spread and framed it for me. You can see the other stuff she got me in the picture.

I didn’t get Lori that many gifts. She wanted a rocking chair we’d seen while we were shopping, so I got her that. She also asked for a valet remote car starter, which I got her, so she doesn’t have to go out to a freezing cold car in the winter or a hot car in the summer. I got her a necklace too. Oh yeah, and a couple of chap sticks.

Brian and I exchanged gifts Christmas morning like we always have done, tradition and all. I did get him a few things to open, but my main gift to him this year was clothes. I didn’t buy them, he will have to buy them himself. I’ll do what I’ve done before. I give him my American Express card and give him a limit on how much he can spend. Then off he goes and I wait for the call from American Express asking me if I know about all the charges on my card that day. I ask them how much it was and then tell them it’s okay. Brian got me some nice stuff. I got a jacket, a new butcher knife, a sharpener, toolbox, some tools and a cast iron skillet. I’ve wanted a cast iron skillet ever since I started cooking.

Later that day Brian left to spend the rest of the day with his girlfriend Cheryl and I went over to Lori’s place. Lori made a turkey dinner. After dinner I exchanged gifts with three her kids. I gave each of them the same thing, a bucket of microwave popcorn and a gift card for Blockbuster. Lori got the same thing for Brain. I even got Lori’s fourth child, her dog Milo, a couple of presents too, a Chihuahua calendar and a book about his breed. Sorry, I forgot to take pictures at Lori’s place.

Next weekend Lori and her kids are going up to her folks place in Rhode Island to celebrate the holiday with them and her brother’s family. Sunday, New years Eve, she is coming back home and we will celebrate New Years Eve her at my place. I’m going to try my hand at making a leg of lamb dinner and then we’ll have some snacks while we watch the ball drop on TV. I’ll tell you how that goes next week.

If I don’t “see” you before the New Years…….Happy New Year and do lots of very naughty things! I know we will. ;-)


Tommy said...

I am sooooo jealous of you getting to see Rachel Ray. Damn! Way to go Lori. Congratulations Tony. I love the HNT pic. Happy New Year to the two of you as well.

Anonymous said...

Lamb?....easy! Cut little slits in the meat about every 2-3 inches and slide about a half a clove if garlic into the "inscision". Get some sprigs{2} of fresh Rosemary and grind up the leaves only- add a little olive oil to make a paste and smear over the roast. Salt and pepper and it's ready for the oven. Serve with mint sauce or mint jelly. Make gravey from the pan drippings. Hint; cook little white potatoes around the meat

barman said...

OK, I have to get ready for work but I'm here. I will visit when I get a break and leave a proper comment. I see boobies... Too funny Tony.

jillie said...

Ok...I'm a bad bad girl :o(

Rachael fun! Maybe you'll get to eat something yummy from the show.

barman said...

OK, how come my Christmas parties never look like that? That looked like a lot of fun. Actually it looked a lot like a wedding.

It sounds like a very nice Christmas indeed and nice plans for New Years Eve. Have an awesome time you too and happy new year.

Jodes said...

happy new year....sorry I have been way busy. check out my new post.

Ms. Fish said...

Yeah, I saw that Rachael Ray pic a while back. Happy New Year! Glad to hear your Christmas was good. Mine was ok. Good luck with the lamb!