Wednesday, June 15, 2011

'Keith Nintzel Memorial 5K Walk/Run' HNT

We walked in the "Keith Nintzel Memorial 5K" on our neighborhood streets last Saturday and beat our time of last weeks walk by two minutes, 1 hr 1 min 13 seconds.

We finished pretty far back, but at least we weren't last. We beat these two women. One may or may not have a colostomy, but it still counts.

The original paperwork said the runners ran 5K, but the walkers only half that, so we decided we'd walk the mile up to the start of the race. Then after the race, we'd stop for breakfast and then walk back home. So, in reality, we'd walk about 3 1/2 miles total. The paperwork was wrong and the walkers had to walk the 5K too.

On our way home after breakfast, we ran into 3 women that asked if we'd been in the race. We told the we had, then explained how far we'd have to walk if we walked home. Two of them even offered us a ride home, but we decided to stick it out.

Hmmmm, I wonder of they were just being nice, or had ulterior motives? ;-)

When we got home, I check a website to see how far we'd actually walked; a total of 5.37 miles. No wonder our feet hurt like hell.

So in two weeks, we went from couch potatoes to walking 20 minute miles and walking over 5 miles in one day. Who'd a thunk it?

Here's a video of the start of the race. Skip ahead to the 2:15 mark and see if you can pick us out.


Osbasso said...

Yer killin' me with all this healthy activity you're doing!

BTExpress said...

Dude, it's not all about loosing weight and getting healthier. A lot of the chicks at these events wear skin tight spandex clothes and not very much of it either.

Joyce said...

Jesus are you my husbands twin?....LOL.....seems like a great way to accidently lose weight...yeah to you and Lori for completing both in one week....!

BTExpress said...

Is your husband interested in walking in 5Ks to loose weight too? We have another one on Saturday. This one is at a local elementary school. The kids run a 1K dash then there are all kinds of things to do and eat after the 5K. Just think how many hot, young mothers will be there.